Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Spring 2019 Registration Under Way!

Hey sweet consignors and Happy Thursday!!!

We have officially opened registration for the Spring Sale!  Yay!  Visit our website,, and sign up soon to consignor and/or volunteer.  As always, we urge you to sign up sooner rather than later.  We always have a few consignors that gather up their items to sell but forget to sign up until we are already full - don't let that be you!

Under the consignor tab, please note a few changes that we have made.  Specifically, we are no longer taking bedding for full, queen, or king size beds.  We are not taking curtains or pillows unless they specifically go with a set of bedding (for children).  We are going to be tougher on the feeding items as well.  Seems that "children's items" has expanded to kitchen curtains and den pillows!  So, expect us to be tougher.... if you bring non-child related items, they will be rejected.  We are no longer taking anything above a size 16 for boys and girls.  Let's be honest - the clothing for older children do not sell well! 

We have also tweaked the hours of the sale a little as well - it is all on the sale schedule.  

So sign up!  If you have any questions, just shoot us an email.  We can't wait to see you!


CR Gals 

Registration Now Open for Fall 2018

It's that time again....the fall sale is just around the corner - we can't wait to see you!

Don't miss a chance to be part of the Fall  2018 Charleston Repeats sale!  Registration is now open.  As many of you know, our consignor spots have filled up the last few sales. 

Be sure to share the opportunity with your family, friends and co-workers.   Before school starts back, take some time to clear the clutter around your house.  This is a great way to make some extra money this fall. 

Many of you have been with us for years, but every season we make changes.  It really is worth your time to go back to our website and refresh yourself on things.  For some of our new consignors, we answer most all of your questions on the website.  Please take a look!

Check our website for all the details:

Getting Ready for Spring 2017!

Hey ladies! 

It is so scary how fast the winter is winding down... I know we still have February to deal with, but this weather has been incredible hasn't it?  It makes us get excited about the Spring Sale in March! We always enjoy this Sale more (at least I do!) because Spring cleaning is one of my favorite things to do.  Purging is a great feeling.... and others get to benefit from your purge.  

I am not going to start with my "tips/memos" quite yet.  The spots are filling up fast (tell your friends!) so I will wait until it is closer to being full in the next week or so.  So stay tuned.  But, meanwhile, please review the website for some changes (more monetary credits back for volunteering, shoe limitations, etc).  I will spell this out more clearly in our upcoming memos to you.  

A good "consigning" source for info is  I would suggest reading this for some tips on pricing...  

Looking forward to seeing you soon ~


How Other consignors Price Their Items :)

For the newbies out there as well as our veteran consignors, you may like to see a sneak peak of how other's price their items for the sale.  Below you will see listed the lists from other consignors for the Fall 2014 sale.


977 NEW PUJ mini sink tubwhite in box Bathing Equipment  22.00

978 natural wood train table natural train table Furniture 28.00

979 white desk with drawers white desk with drawers Furniture 28.00 

980 Pumpkin Patch pink aqua purple striped half zip Girl's Clothing 6 15.00 

981 Custom blue back LS dress Girl's Clothing 5 8.00 

982 Custom blue back LS dress Girl's Clothing 5 8.00 

983 Osh Kosh denim overalls red LS plaid shirt Boy's Clothing 18 Months 6.00 

984 Osh Kosh khaki cord overalls Boy's Clothing 18 Months 6.00 

985 J Crew Gap SS white shirt LS white shirt Girl's Clothing 5 8.00 

986 J Crew Mini Boden blue w/dino and gray w/monkeyBoy's Clothing 4 14.00 

987 Bowen Wright orange navy w/football pj Boy's Clothing 4 4.00

989 Vineyard Vines navy blue white striped SS polo Boy's Clothing 3 12.00 

990 Mini Boden gray fuzzy jacket w/ green stripe lining Boy's Clothing 12 Months 22.00 

992 Hanna Andersson red SS tutu dress w/ navy black tights Girl's Clothing 6 14.00 

997 Smockadot J Crew white LS ruffle top purple ruffle skirt Girl's Clothing 6 16.00

998 Garanimals 2 red turtlenecks Girl's Clothing 5 4.00 

999 Llumnavy LS dress w/ pink ruffles Girl's Clothing 5 14.00

1000 Vineyard Vines navy w/whale hoodie Boy's Clothing 3 16.00 

2203 Sam & libby Blk Dressy sandles Girl's Shoes 9 5.00 

2204Childrens Place- Never wornRed shoes- with Rosette on topGirl's Shoes108.00NoNo0845Not SoldGeneratedNormal

2205 Orange/Green/YellowSuede Girl's Shoes 10 6.00

2206 Blk Mary jane w/ Big elastic band Girl's Shoes 9 4.00

2207 Blk sequin Boots Girl's Shoes 9 5.00

2208 Silver GliterGirl's Shoes 9 3.00

2209 Toms Fushia Gliiter mary jane style Girl's Shoes 8 8.00

2210 Blk Mary Jane casual shoes Girl's Shoes 10 3.00

2211 Brown Suede Boots Girl's Shoes Not applicable 5.00

2212 Silver Boots Girl's Shoes 7 3.00

2213 Blk Suede Boots Girl's Shoes 7 5.00

2214 Brown Suede Boots Girl's Shoes 8 4.00


Good Evening Volunteers :) First of all~~THANK YOU THANK YOU for volunteering with us! :) YOU GUYS AND GALS ARE AWESOME!!!

With the sale 3 weeks away, we thought we would give you guys and gals a shout-out with some helpful information:

1. All volunteer slots will remain "as is" on March 6 at 11:59pm. This means the system will be closed to any further deletion of volunteer times/additions/manouvering/etc.

2. So go ahead and think through the days/times you've signed up for and make sure you can come :)

3. Don't remember your volunteering schedule? Go to and click "Login" in the top, right-hand corner. Then enter the userID and password you entered when you registered to volunteer with us. You will then be in your portal where you can delete shifts, add shifts, change shifts. People will begin shifting their times around once they see this email, so just keep checking back to see if a preferrable shift "opens up"

4. Please take the time to read over our volunteer page on our website: AND the Volunter FAQs from our website:

5. Each volunteer will receive ONE volunteer pass. You may pick up your wristbands during these days/times from the Omar:

Monday, March 9 from 3pm-9pm

Tuesday, March 10 from 9am-5pm

Or before your scheduled shopping time on Wednesday, March 11 PRESALE BASH DAY!! :)

9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.: 16 hour Volunteers Shop 11:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.: 12 hour Volunteers Shop 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.: 8 hour Volunteers Shop 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.: 4 hour Volunteers and Sponsors Shop 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.: Consignors (and One Guest Per Consignor) and Vendors Shop 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.: First Time Moms/Grandmoms and One Guest (Per FTM) Shop

6. Volunteers also get to shop early on the 50% off Presale Bash night on Friday, March 13 from 5pm-9pm. (50% OFF SALE APPLIES ONLY TO THOSE ITEMS NOT MARKED "ND" ON THE TAG)

7. NO CHILDREN UNDER 12 ALLOWED UNLESS IN CHEST-CARRIER during the Wednesday, March 11 shopping times.

Any other questions? Just shoot us an email at

Sincerely, Amy, Elizabeth, and Heather CR Gals


Why would I need/want a coupon card for the spring sale? Coupon Card holders get to enter the Omar Convention Center, Mt. Pleasant, to shop the Spring 2015 sale at 8am on Thursday, March 12. (Public shopping begins at 10am on 3/12) MONCKS CORNER

Kunkle & Powell Denistry –332 Albrighton Way Moncks Corner, SC 29461


Chick-Fil-A 1024 Johnnie Dodds Blvd Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Cooper River Pediatric- 1156 Bowman Road, #105 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464


Jones Ford 5757 River's Avenue North Charleston, SC 29406


Summerville Antiques Gallery - Booth: Maxwell Heirlooms 901 North Main Street Summerville, SC 29483


Atlantic Dental Associates – 1483 Tobias Gadson Blvd., Suite 105 Charleston, SC 29407

Butter Blossom Bakers – 1713 Ashley River Road Charleston, SC 29407

A CR Consignor Provides Tips on Consigning

We interviewed some of our best consignors recently and asked them some questions and they responded with tidbits that you may find helpful as well. What do we mean by "best"? There items are rarely turned away by us do to staining/pilling/out of season, they properly tag and prepare their items, they bring their items on time and pick them up ontime, and they consistently sell most if not all their items!! These gals know how to price to sell! Thanks to each and every consignor who took the time to answer these questions :) As the kids outgrow an item, I launder it, go ahead and hang it on a wire hanger and pin the pants (if there are any) to it. I hang them in the back of the kids closets. I used to just throw them in a box or tupperware and wait until right before the sale to launder, iron, hang, and pin and it took FOREVER!! This is so much easier!

When determining the price I always ask myself, "would I pay this amount for this item/outfit?" I would say that I probably underprice a lot of my stuff but I would rather only have to bring home a couple pieces than a lot and have to store it until the next year and it is taking up valuable storage space in the closets.

Again, I ask myself if I would buy my stuff in the condition it is in. I pride myself on the condition of my items and make sure there are no stains, rips, beady balls, etc. I always hang dry all my kids clothes so that they look nicer to sell.

It can be very overwhelming and at times you may ask yourself if it is worth it but it always is. When I see the closets cleaned out and then I receive my check a few weeks later it is so worth it. The first few sales I waited until a couple days before and literally worked day and night getting my stuff done. That was exhausting. Now, I do it as they outgrow it or don't like it anymore and it makes it so much easier.

Hope this helps :)

Advice from a Professional CR Consignor :)

IMG_1210 We interviewed some of our best consignors recently and asked them some questions and they responded with tidbits that you may find helpful as well. What do we mean by "best"? There items are rarely turned away by us do to staining/pilling/out of season, they properly tag and prepare their items, they bring their items on time and pick them up on time, and they consistently sell most if not all their items!! These gals know how to price to sell! Thanks to each and every consignor who took the time to answer these questions :)

When starting... I try to put all like items together such as shoes, books, toys, big ticket items, boys /girls clothes by size and brand. It makes it easier when entering to keep like brands and sizes together. I first ck for stains and then put the clothes on hangers and then sort by size , making stacks of clothes for easier entering.

For pricing I have several things to think of...what does this item cost if I were buying it new? What would I be willing to pay for it in used condition? Price it 1/2 or a little less than you would expect to pay new. If in doubt look online at new prices/ Amazon prices....but remember ultimately how badly do you want your item to sell? do you care if they get donated? Price accordingly! I always get safety pins, (Med size) don't pain yourself with tiny ones, white card stock, ink for printer and hangers well in advance of the sale. It will save you time in the long run. (Especially at midnight when your tagging and the computer is out of ink) I also make sure to get kids pant hangers as well.....pants that are folded or pinned onto hangers are hard to see and they tend to slide around on the hangers bunch up and the pins come out easily. I save hangers all year when I purchase items...just for the sake.

When deciding what to bring- I always check the item over for stains, holes etc....if you can see a stain ...don't send it. It will most likely get rejected. Speaking from experience...don't wait until the last minute to start tagging . Lol ( my biggest problem).

Try to beg your husbands to help pin tags on . I won't ever succeed with that one.

I also print the tags and cut tags and lay in order by number and lay on stack of clothes....they are in order...just like your stack of pinning on, and finding the item is much easier. Hope this helps ladies!!

Tips and Tidbits from a CR Professional Consignor

We interviewed some of our best consignors recently and asked them some questions and they responded with tidbits that you may find helpful as well. What do we mean by "best"? There items are rarely turned away by us do to staining/pilling/out of season, they properly tag and prepare their items, they bring their items on time and pick them up on time, and they consistently sell most if not all their items!! These gals know how to price to sell! Thanks to each and every consignor who took the time to answer these questions :) IMG_0718

1. When you go through your items, how do your organize them?

I separate things out in storage boxes. All toys in a box, all shoes, all clothes, etc. I take a box at a time and to my computer and then print and tag. I put that box in garage and move on to the next. This keeps it simple and I do not get overwhelmed. This also helps if I have to stop. I then know what box I am working on. It helps in the system so I don’t have to change from Toy categories to Clothes and back and forth cause it is already separated before I start.

2. How do you determine the price for each of the items you bring?

I try to think of original price and cut it a third. I also think of what I would pay for it. You have to remember that it is a Consignment sale—don’t get attached to items and think I paid $ 45.00 for something so I want $30.00 Except that people will pay $15.00 to $20.00 and move on.

3. Any special sorting/pricing tips you have?

I have everything ready to go before I sit down to price and tag in computer—Clothes are hung on hangers, Toys are zipped locked and parts are put together with the right toys, shoes are pinned together. If I am not sure of price I google it so I know original price.

4. How do you determine when NOT to bring an item to CR?

Would I buy it in the condition it is in???? Does it look worn out or washed a million times?

5. Anything additional?

Start early so you are not rushed. You would be surprised at the stuff people will buy. Don’t second guess if something will sell—it will if it is in good condition.


Wow! Our First Time Moms and Grandmoms are coming from near and far!

IMG_0914 There are still open slots. If you would like to shop early on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 beginning at 7pm, and you are a First Time Mom or First Time Grandmom, register with us today! To register, to to and click "register" in the top, right-hand corner, then click on the First TIme Mom/Grandmom green button and fill out the informational questionnaire. You will receive a confirmation email, once you have registered with us, that will provide you with lots of useful information!

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Room by Room: Getting Ready for the Spring Sale :)

Here is a simple list of some items that could be sold at the upcoming sale in the spring and summer--all organized room by room to spark your creativity!!!!

Foyer coat closet: umbrella, raincoat, sun hat, crocs, sandals, diaper bag, baby carrier (like baby bjorn), nursing cover-up

Den: DVDs (no R-rated though),Image CDs, playstation 1, 2, or 3, and appropriate games that are not rated "mature", wii and appropriate games, exersaucer, bouncy seat, bean bag chairs, baby gate

Kitchen: children's cups, bowls, plates and utensils, children's placemats, bottles (without nipples), high chairs, tiny table and chairs, bottle warmer, baby food processor, bumpo seat, bibs, booster seat

Bathroom: potty, step stool, infant or children's towels, bath toys, baby bathtub, bathroom accessories

Baby's bedroom: crib, bumper pad, sheets, rocking chair, changing table, curtains, sheets, diaper genie, trash can, night light, light switch cover, lamps, pack-n-play, toys, mobile, safety equipment, bed rails, toddler bed and sheets, mattress protector, vaporizer

Child's bedroom: sheets and duvet covers, curtains, area rug, lamps, hamper, doll house, books, all sorts of toys, clothes-dresses, pants, shorts, shirts, light summer type sweaters, sandals, tennis shoes, uniforms, pajamas, decorations, accessories

Teen bedroom:  DVD player, DVDs (no "R" rated), CD player, CDs (no "mature"), phone, playstation 1,2,3 and appropriate games (no "mature" games) wall art, mirror, clothes--dresses, pants, shorts, shirts, shoes, sandals

Study: books for children and teens, books on parenting, books for homeschooling, arts and crafts, board games, puzzles, globe, flash cards, calculator

Garage/outside: trike, bike, umbrella stroller, regular stroller, jogging stroller, soccer ball, soccer goal, football, kiddie pool, sandbox, sprinkler, bathing suits, outdoor toys, roller skates, cleats, sporting equipment, scooter

Remember, these are just some brainstorming ideas that I came up with.  As long as your items are for infants to teens and are in great condition (ask yourself~~"would I buy this?") and as long as it has not been recalled (please see for all recalled items) and it is not included on our "not accepted" list then another mom will probably purchase it.  Once you start going around your house and seeing the dollar signs flash before your eyes it is amazing what you will find!  Have fun baggin' and taggin'!

Spring Sale is ONLY Three WEEKS AwAy! AGGGGGHHHHHHH!! (Breathe! You've still got time! :)


So, you've decided to bite the bullet, join your friends, and register to consign. Are you nervous? Excited? Intimidated? Overwhelmed? Geared Up?  Maybe a combination of all these emotions and more?  All of these feelings are normal.  If you are a newby consignor, you are probably more likely to feel overwhelmed and intimidated.  Those who are more experienced with the consigning process are more likely to be excited and ready to get rid of a lot of unused items in their house and to receive some money for their trouble.  

No matter whether you are a newby or not, all consignors still have to do the same things: gather items, clean items, put in batteries, enter items in the online system, print out tags, affix tags to items, put the goods in your car (along with your consignor agreement) and bring them to drop-off day (wheewwww---I'm tired just thinking about it!) But seriously! You can do it!  

This is how I get ready for the drama of all things Charleston Repeats, but you will find your own system soon enough and become a pro in your own right VERY soon.  It's just like riding a bike.  Soon you won't even think about the steps you are making you will just do it :)

1.  For the spring sale at Charleston Repeats we accept spring and summer clothing and shoes, so as you are going around your home looking for spring and summer clothing and shoes, get ready to grab items such as:

White Mary-Janes, shorts of all colors (leave corduroy shorts till the fall), Crocs, sandals, flip-flops, spaghetti strap dresses, sporting goods, ballet shoes and leotards, gymnastics wear, short-sleeved shirts, light-colored and light in material sweaters, light-colored and light in material long-sleeved shirts, light-colored and light in material jackets, pajamas, swimsuits, seersucker, linen, cotton, v-neck sweaters that are light in color and material, jeans, bathrobes, rain slickers, dresses, skirts, khakis . . . . . . etc.

2.  Once I've amassed a pile of spring and summer clothing and shoes, I yank the items that have the problems/issues.  I ask myself, "Is the item ripped? Torn? Stained beyond help? Pilled?  Too worn? Out of style? Have a zipper that doesn't work?  Missing button that cannot be replaced by you? and the like."  If I answer "yes" to any and all of these items, I  just don't bring those goods to the drop-off.  I don't want to take the time to wash/iron/tag a problem item because Charleston Repeats volunteers will turn it down once I arrive at the Omar.  People don't want to buy items with issues.  Would you?

3.  So now I've gotten my "goody-good" pile together.  I begin some loads of laundry if need be, since smart shoppers want clean-smelling and beautiful looking items to purchase :)

4.  As my clothes are washing, I start prepping my childrens' shoes.  I like to clean them thoroughly with warm water and a little soap.  As with clothing, if my kids' shoes are dirty, ripped, out of style and the like, I don't waste my time getting them prepped and putting them in my car.

5.  After my clothing items are all clean, I like to take the extra time to iron them and have them looking their absolute best.  I zip zippers, button buttons, cut off tiny threads poking out, etc.  Put them all on hangers with the hangar facing like a question mark.  I think that complete outfits really look great and sell like hotcakes (sweet dress with a cardigan anyone?  Pair of pants/shirt/and v-neck sweater.  Count it!)

6.  Toys/Books/All other items: I go around all the rooms in my house AND the cars and garage and collect all items that are no longer loved/played with/used.  All COMPLETE ITEMS (that means NO pieces missing from puzzles, etc.) that are in excellent condition I clean and put batteries in as necessary (so that shoppers know the item works).  If the items are broken, missing pieces, out of style, been recalled (I immediately just throw away), etc.  I do not bring to the sale.  Would you want to buy inferior goods?

7.  To price my items, I ask myself "What would I pay for this?" I find this is the best method for me.  Considering that the sale is a consignment sale, most, if not all shoppers are looking for a deal.  They don't want to pay the same amount of money that they would pay at a department store, or even on the sale rack at a department store.  Some consignors like to shoot for the stars and price their items somewhat higher than I would just to see if it sells.  I like it out of my house for good, so I price it to go.  Here are some sample prices of some of my items:  Changing table from online store ($45), Two year old Fisher Price Swing that I paid $100 for ($40), Lily Pulitzer dress ($23), UnderArmor light sports jacket ($9), Magic Tree House Books (#1-5) ($11).

8.  Inputting and printing and affixing tags is pretty easy.  The online tagging system is a breeze and as long as I have ink in the printer and white cardstock I am good to go.  I safety pin as many tags on as many type items is I can, and if I cannot, I zip-tie them or tape them (more information is available on website in regard to merchandise preparation).

9.  Finally, I print out the consignor agreement from off the website (found under the "consignor" tab), pack my items in my car, and drop them off at the Omar during the designated drop-off days found on the Charleston Repeats' schedule.

10.  Within two weeks of the sale, the checks are sent out and I receive my check!! Wheeeeee!! All that preparation and effort is rewarded!


Fall Sale: 2013 . . . . . What may I sell? What will be there to buy?

ImageWhether you are solely a consignor, solely a shopper, or both, there will be LOTS to find at the fall sale!  The following list is just here to get your brain contemplating what you might find :)

Fall  Sale Items for Clothing and Shoes

Think . . . . . . . . 

corduroys, clogs, long-sleeved shirts, dark colored short-sleeved polo type shirts, kilts, long-sleeved dresses, dark-color and heavier-weighted shorts, jeans, sweaters, pullovers, jackets, v-neck sweaters, rugby type shirts, dark-colored mary-janes, sneakers, tennis shoes, flannel, pajamas, suede, velvet, boots, COSTUMES, school uniforms, sporting gear, cleats, tights, ski-wear, etc.

Along with the same items you find in the spring:

Think . . . . . . . . 

rocking chairs, puzzles, movies, decorative items, books, homeschooling materials, barbies, cars, trucks, trains, ride-on toys, bicycles, feeding equipment, high chairs, strollers, double strollers, jogging strollers, lamps, baby gates, kid back-packs, kid lunch boxes, bedding, bumper pads, blankets, diaper pails, diaper bags, musical toys, Legos, Lamaze type toys, exi-saucers, sheets, no-drop cribs, baby equipment, etc.

Reuse, Recycle, Reride, Regive, Repeat!

images-8I keep hearing the same verbage everywhere I go, "times are tough, man," "how's business going," "yeah, we are having to cut back," and more of the same. Times are tough right now. Businesses are closing. People are losing their jobs. We are all having to cut back on the more frivolous expenditures and re-evaluate our budgets and what we want versus what we need. Putting on the brakes can be hard, but I believe that the downturn in the economy has the possibility of creating positive changes. Case in point: recycling. Through the years, I have come to realize that many of my friends know how to recycle plastics and aluminum, but do not know what to do with their children's outgrown items. Hosting garage sales, selling to consignment stores, and giving them to other moms have been the most utilized ways of disposing of their things, but none of those ways have produced sufficient funds for my friends.  My friends also want to buy quality products for their children but often complain about spending too much time in the car frequenting second-hand stores and department store sales.  Most of the time, they spend lots of money on clothing or items that will barely be worn or played with before their children outgrow them. Becoming tired of the cycle, I looked for a consignment sale that would provide me with money for my goods and save money for my new purchases.

It has been a blessing to me for the past seven years to be a part of a consignment sale that I could sell my children's toys, games, clothes, shoes, furniture, and the like to other mothers that I know will use them and enjoy them. It has also been a blessing to me to make money from my children's items that I have sold.  Since I also buy all of my children's items used I essentially never "buy" goods for my children.   I earn enough selling their used merchandise to buy more. At the last sale, I actually made more than I bought!  It may take a little effort to get all of my children's items together, but when I receive my check two weeks after the sale, it is worth it.

We all need to remember that recycling is not only for milk jugs, tin cans, and newspapers, that can be recycled into new materials,  but also for children's clothing, shoes, toys, furniture, etc. that can be regifted to a new owner.  Recycling barely worn children's clothing and gently used children's items is not only a gift to other mothers but also to the planet. By reusing these goods you will be helping to save the earth's valuable resources and the expenditure of labor that it takes to produce new products.  By "repeating" your resources with other mothers you will be helping the planet to be a greener place while also helping other parents to save the green in their wallets as well as in your own.   By recycling your children's goods and buying from other Lowcountry parents you will also be contributing to the local economy.  Charleston Repeats provides a great opportunity to help on so many levels!

I am so glad that all of us who have children have the opportunity to share our children's gently worn clothing used items with each other through Charleston Repeats! With Charleston Repeats, you can rest assured that your children's items will be reused, replayed with, reridden, and remembered by other mothers who want them.  Other moms will handpick your items for their own little ones.  Your efforts of pricing and tagging your goodies will be rewarded with cash in your wallet.  When you shop the sale, you will be saving money too on great items for your tot to teen.  Volunteering will awards you with priority shopping, plus you get to meet new friends and feel a sense of ownership in the Sale.  Being a Vendor or Sponsor or Palmetto Pack Provider will introduce your business to the parent community or further solidify your place in the community.  Remember, it takes all of us working together: consignors, shoppers, volunteers, sponsors and vendors to create a better sale for you and for other mothers in the Lowcountry!  Also remember that it takes all of us working together to give back to the community, and the planet.  Recycle your children's items and regift to another mother as well as to mother earth.  Go green.  Get more green.  Save more green with Charleston Repeats!

Consignor Letter: Spring 2013

Hey Cute Consignors!!

In case you didn't know it, it is RAINING outside today!!  It is a perfect day to turn on the tunes and finish or continue or begin your tagging for Charleston Repeats! =)

This email is for old pros as well as newby consignors with CR.

Important information:

1.  We are FULL of consignors--to the top! We are not holding on to a waiting list.  You made it in!! Yay you!

2.  Drop-off days are: Monday, March 11 from 5-8 by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  And Tuesday, March 12 from 9-7 by WALK-IN or by appointment.  Drop-off your items at the Omar Convention Center, 176 Patriot's Point Road, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.

3.  Online tagging ends MARCH 12 at 7AM SHARP!!  You will still be able to print your tags after this point, but you will not be able to enter or alter any items.  Sooooo what you should do is ENTER YOUR ITEMS first and then, if you need to be doing things on Tuesday, March 12 before you drop-off, you can be ironing, pinning, and affixing tags at that point.

4.  We ONLY ACCEPT BARCODED TAGS, so make sure all your items are entered on the system prior to March 12th at 7AM.

5.  We ONLY ACCEPT TAGS WITHOUT HAND-ALTERING MARKS.  What does this mean?  Say you have printed off your tags and on the way to the Omar you decide you want to sell your pack-in-play for $32 instead of $35, so you scratch through the $35 with a pen and write $32.  The barcode will still ONLY READ $35.  The shopper will be frustrated when we have to tell them it is really $35 and you may loose out on a sale, so make sure the tag on each item has NO handwritten changes on it :)

6.  We ONLY ACCEPT DROP-OFF on the aforementioned days and times :)

7. Presale Bash for cosignors and a guest:  Wednesday, March 13th from 4-10.  See for the full schedule.

8.  We are expecting FLOCKS and HERDS and SWARMS of shoppers this season!!!!  Why? We filled up with consignors a month early.  We are almost full of volunteers.  Word is getting our because we are advertising more and YOU are advertising by word of mouth more and more and that is THE BEST ADVERTISING OF ALL!!! Sooooooo tag those items like you mean it!!  


ONLY use CARDSTOCK because it is stearier and holds up better to THOUSANDS of shoppers then flimsy paper.

TAPE your tags on WELL.

PIN your tags on WELL.

Just think through the fact that THOUSANDS of shoppers are going to be flipping through the racks and sorting through bags of Polly Pockets.  If your toy has lots of pieces, put the pieces in a gallon zip-lock bag, tape the bag shut, zip tie the bag to the toy and tape the tag securily to the toy.  Some consignors even take a picture of the completed toy and affix it to the toy.  For the whole she-bang on how to package your items go to our website and click on "Merchandise Prep."

9.  For Newbys especially:  You want to be competitive on your pricing?  You want to have suggestions on what to bring? and More????????  See the blog "Consignor 101" on our website or just go to this link:

10.  We ONLY ACCEPT ITEMS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN RECALLED.  Please visit cpsc.govfor recalled item list OR visit the new handy-dandy app on our Facebook Timeline for recalled items. It is SUPER-DEE-DUPER-DEE easy to use!

11.  Need to know if an item is accepted or not-accepted at CR?


*  fill up your car with your goodies and 

* your consignor agreement form: (On our website, click "consigor" tab and then "consignor agreement")

* you will check-in, give the CR volunteer your agreement and they will give you your consignor passes AND any volunteer pass that you've got coming to ya! ;) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU if you are volunteering!!!

* if you are unable to shop during the Presale Bash, you may give your passes to whomever you wish!!!

* A TEAM LEADER for CR will go through your clothing items and shoes while you put all your other items on the floor.  Once you have placed your other items on the floor, go back to your Team Leader to see what, if any clothing items and shoes she has declined.

Clothing items are declined for the following reasons: the item(s) may have been stained, pilled, out-of-season (you may bring these items back during the appropriate season), worn, out-of-style, torn, ripped, missing zipper, missing button, dingy, etc.

Shoes are declined for the following reasons: scuffed, worn, out-of-season (you may bring these items back in the appropriate season), worn, out-of-style, torn, ripped, dingy. etc.

* after you have gathered any items that were declined and your passes, you are done with drop-off!!

* please note that the lighting at the Omar is STRONG and we end up seeing stains there that we know you were probably not able to see with your lighting at home.  We will decline items with noticeable stains as our shoppers do would see them too.  

13.  Come to the Presale Bash: March 13 from 4-10 for cosignors.

14.  Come to the 50% off Presale Bash for consignors:  Friday, March 15th from 6-9pm  ALL ITEMS that do NOT have "ND" under the price will be 50% off this day!!!

15.  At the end of every sale day we "upload" the computers and you will be able to see which of your items "sold" that day! It is EXCITING!!!

16.  If you are picking up items after the sale, come to the Omar on March 17 from 1PM SHARP to 4PM SHARP.  Any and all items left at the Omar after 4pm are donated to our charities: Salvation Army, Journey House, Lowcountry Orphan Relief, and Lowcountry Pregnancy Center.

Have specific questions that are not addressed on our website:  Email us at

Cheers and Happy Tagging!

CR Gals

PS.   CR is EXTREMELY SOCIAL.  Find us on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook :)


Consigning 101

So, you've decided to consign with Charleston Repeats because a friend told you about it, so you go online and register.  You then begin to look over the website and suddenly feel overwhelmed.  You think to yourself--"What have I done?!!"   Well, don't fret!  You will be fine!  AND after you consign this season, you will be a PROFESSIONAL, SEASONED consignor for the next sale!  Here we have put together a "class" in "Consigning 101" with Charleston Repeats!


1.  BEFORE you get your items together that you want to sell---REGISTER online at  You will be asked to pay $15 in registration fees prior to every sale that you consign with us.  This money helps us rent the Omar Convention Center where the sale is held.  The Omar is unfortunately, not free :)

2.  Go through each room and closet of your home, your car(s), your attic, and your garage, gathering seasonally appropriate clothing and shoes (at the spring sale we accept spring clothing and at the fall sale, we accept fall clothing), toys, books, puzzles, bedding, room decor, furniture, bicycles, sports equipment, maternity wear, feeding equipment, and more that is in GREAT condition that you are ready to part with.  Charleston Repeats' shoppers expect items that are in working order, have batteries (so they know the items work), have ALL the pieces and parts (ex. shopper's children are sad, rightfully so, if the puzzle is missing pieces), and are free from stains, pills, rips, tears, and are IN STYLE :)  For items that you find that are less than stellar, but still usable, please find another outlet for them--such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.  For items that are busted, broken, missing pieces, etc. you may just need to toss them.

Go ahead and think to yourself what you want to do with any unsold items left over at the end of the sale?  You have two choices: either pick them up from 1-4 on Sunday after the sale OR donate them to our charities: The Journey House, The Lowcountry Pregnancy Center, Lowcountry Orphan Relief, and Salvation Army of Charleston.  Your donations TRULY bless needy families in the Lowcountry!!  For those consignors who choose to donate, there are forms available from the Salvation Army at drop-off for you to fill out and send in for a "charitable donation."  You will be able to look at your inventory list and see what sells and doesn't sell and be able to determine how much is going to charity.

Also go ahead and think through your end-objective . . . . . do you want to price your items on the higher end of the scale, risking that they may not sell, in the hopes that they will sell for a higher price, making you more money? OR do you want them sold right off?

We have noticed that most NEW CONSIGNORS overprice their items the first time and then, after shopping at the sale, and seeing how similar items are priced, and then receiving multiple items back at the end of the sale, they price their items more competitively for future sales.  If you would like to be more competitive from the get-go, and have pricing questions about specific items, just email us at

Now, you are sitting in front of a pile of gently used/barely worn/like new clothing and shoes, and puzzles and toys, furniture, games, etc. and you are wondering what to do now?  Here is what I do with my own items:

3.  I tackle clothing first . . . . I wash and iron and put clothing items into size piles, so that I can easily make an "outfit" of shirts and pants/skirts/etc. if I want.  Dresses and outfits that were purchased together are easiest to throw on a hanger and put a price on it, but you may sell two pairs of pants for one price or a shirt and skirt and cardigan. Just make sure the items would all be worn on the same age child.  If a pair of pjs says "size 6" but you know they shrunk, and are more for a 4 year old, just put "size 4" on them.  

You may place a few items on one hanger---ex. put the hanger like a question mark in front of you and button the shirt on, then turn the hanger around and pin the pants on the back. OR you may tape together a hanger or two with clear packing tape and sell those items as a "set"

Put items together till they would be at LEAST $3.  

We limit clothing items up 15 items per size per gender through 3T.  A set of three shirts that you are selling for $4 would be counted as ONE ITEM.  Amounts are limited for the following sizes: 0-3 m, 3m, 3-6m, 6m, 6-9m, 9m, 9-12m, 12m, 12-18m, 18m, 18-24m, 24m, 2T, and 3.  

Maternity wear is limited to 5 of your best items.

Shoes are limited to 10 shoes total per consignor.  For shoes, if you are unable to zip-tie or safety pin two shoes together you may then put them in a zip-lock bag.  We do accept sports shoes and dancing shoes.

Once I get all my sets on hangers and then pinned together I decide how to price them.  We generally say about 1/3 of the original price for clothing and shoes, but take into account that we get LOTS of certain things: jeans and khaki shorts at the spring sale for example, so you may wish to be more competitive on your pricing with these types of items.  

I then type all my shoes and clothing items into the computer system, print the tags, then pin them on each item FIRMLY.  Since we are no longer removing tags, we suggest taping over the pin too :)

4.  After clothing and shoes I then begin the same type of process for games/puzzles/equipment/toys/bedding/etc.

I make sure all games and puzzles have all their pieces.  I make sure all DVDs and CDs cases have unscratched DVDs and CDS in the cases.  I wash and fold bedding.  I clean toys and equipment with Lysol and wet cloths and toothbrushes all because I want to bless someone with my items.  I want them in tip-top condition and priced well so that they will SELL! SELL! SELL!

Yes, cleaning, and prepping, and actually putting a puzzle together to make sure all the pieces are there takes time, but your wallet will thank you after the sale!

5.  If you would like to bring in your items on the Monday evening drop-off, you MUST SIGN UP FOR AN APPOINTMENT.  To make an appointment, go to and sign into your portal (where you end up after you click "login" and then put in your username and password).  You may choose from the times for Monday that remain.  

For Tuesday's all day drop-off, you may either make an appointment, or just come on in as a walk-in.

6.  Print out the CONSIGNOR AGREEMENT which is found on our website under the "consignor" tab.  Read over the agreement and fill it out.

7.  Fill up your car with all your goodies and bring them to the Omar!! Come to the Omar (the address and map for the Omar is found on our website: either during your appointment time on Monday evening or at any time on Tuesday.

8.  You will first "check-in" with one of the CR volunteers on the side of the Omar.  You will give them your consignor agreement and they will give you your consignor passes for the Presale Bash and/or your volunteer passes for your volunteer shopping time.  If you are unable to make the Presale Bash as a consignor, you may pass along your passes to whomever you wish!  

9.  Now it is time to bring in your clothing and other items.  A CR Team Leader will assess your clothing items and shoes while you place your other items on the floor.  Once you have placed your other items on the floor, go back to your Team Leader to see what, if any clothing items and shoes she has declined.  

Clothing items are declined for the following reasons: the item(s) may have been stained, pilled, out of season (you may bring these items back in the appropriate season), worn, out of style, torn, ripped, missing zipper, missing button, dingy, etc.  

Shoes are declined for the following reasons: scuffed, worn out of season (you may bring these items back in the appropriate season), worn, out of style, torn, ripped, dingy, etc.

After you have gathered any items that were declined and your passes you are done with drop-off!

10.  Come shop at the Presale Bash during your designated time (see sale schedule on the website) and during the super special 50% off Presale Bash on Friday evening (see sale schedule on the website).

11.   Watch which items sell when we upload at the system at the end of every night :)  It is EXCITING!!!!

12.  If you are donating ALL your items that are leftover, you can just wait for your check! :)  If you choose to pick up your items that are left at the end of the sale, you will need to come back to the Omar on Sunday between 1-4pm.  All items left at the end of the sale WILL go to the charities.  

We will be posting more answers to consignor questions periodically prior to the sale, so check back with us!  AND if you have ANY question, just email us: :)

We are getting ready for you!

Whether you are a shopper, consignor, volunteer, First Time Mom, sponsor or vendor we are excited about seeing ya'll!  We are busy putting the finishing touches on the website and finalizing the My Consignment Manager website where you will go to log-in if you are a consignor, volunteer, or registered First Time Mom.

As always, we are looking forward to having a splendiferous spring/summer sale with TONS of amazing, gently-loved spring and summer clothing and shoes, toys, furniture, equipment, books, puzzles, spring and summer maternity-wear, bedding, strollers, bicycles, outdoor toys, games, and much, much more!

The official opening for registration for the spring/summer sale is January 1st.  But don't let that make you feel sluggish and down----as you get out your tree to trim it, go ahead and go through your swimsuit container from last spring and organize your swimsuits you want to sell.  See your little tykes seersucker john-john in his closet or your little lady's too tiny summer dress?  Why not move it out of the closet and to your Charleston Repeats' staging area?  Taking fifteen minutes a day to sort through un-used puzzles, games, and books to be repeated with Charleston Repeats will bless you and the individual who buys them.  This way of getting your items together is WAY more enjoyable than waiting till the deadline is upon you, we promise! Once January 1st comes along, just register online, enter your items online, print and tag!

Considering being a volunteer with Charleston Repeats?  Volunteers get to shop prior to anybody else on Presale Bash day!  While our Team Leader positions are currently full, we are ALWAYS taking applications.  Our ten Team Leaders volunteer for 24 hours and shop first thing on Wednesday, to get ready for all our other volunteers, consignors, and first time mommas.  Volunteers help with keeping the racks neat and tidy, the toys straight, answering shopper's questions, and manning the door.  Volunteers on drop-off days help with bringing in the inventory and setting it up.  Our volunteers work hard, but have fun too!  Why not make it super fun by signing up to volunteer with a sister or friend and then get to shop with them at the same time too!  To volunteer, go to beginning January 1st and pick a 4 hour segment on the day and time you choose, or pick 2, 4 hour segments to be an 8 hour volunteer, or 3, 4 hour segments to be a 12 hour volunteer.

Do you have a business that you would like to advertise to thousands of Lowcountry moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, and families?  Consider advertising with us as a sponsor or vendor.  To receive the whole enchilada's worth of information, email us at and we will forward you the scoop.

We are thrilled to be here in the Lowcountry with all you spunky gals and guys!  Toodles and see you soon!

Can tidying a room help tidy your brain?




I like cleaning up . . . . I always have.  (every thing but piles of papers/worksheets/letters/etc.)  I enjoy tidying up.  It has always made me feel more buoyant and light. Purging the clutter makes my brain feel like it has been purged of clutter too.  The following article sheds more light on this phenomenon:

Clean Your Room…Empower Your Mind

June 16th, 2010 by Paul Scheele

It’s well understood that the best way to achieve peak performance in anything you do is to get yourself into an alpha brain wave state.

This is the “flow” state where athletes break world records, scientists make profound discoveries, and musicians compose glorious symphonies.

One way to quickly change your brain state is to change the flow of energy in your environment.

Using an EEG machine, we’ve seen how a person’s brain waves immediately shift from beta frequency to the desired alpha state when in a room where Diamond Feng Shui is applied.

But you don’t have to practice Feng Shui to generate more alpha waves.

Just do as your mom directed—clean your room!


Decluttering your home and workspace can change the frequency of the energy flowing there and help shift your brain waves from beta to alpha.

Cluttered rooms, dingy walls, and piles of paper reflect chaos, causing your brain to produce beta energy waves. In this environment you may feel overwhelmed, depressed, or unsupported. You might struggle to keep up or find it difficult to create what you want.

The moment you start to declutter and create new space, you generate more alpha and fewer beta waves. You start attracting more of the tremendous power available to you to open your intuition, spark your creativity, and make your life more rewarding in every respect.

The results you experience in life are either stifled or enhanced by the energy in your environment. If you’re feeling confined, frustrated, or stymied and you want to access that magical alpha state of mind, heed your mother’s words.

Clean your room… and you’ll empower your mind.

Clean and Cull Now----Consign Later!

Image As you pull out the children's long-johns, coats, boots, and scarves and make room in their closets for the long-sleeved sweaters and shirts, go ahead and make more room now--and start your consignment containers for the Spring Sale!

Here is how I get ready to "swing into spring" in the fall~~

I go to each room in my house---including the garage---and ask myself a series of questions and then I put each item in the appropriate container.  

The QUESTONS I ask myself regarding clothing and shoes:

~Could this item be sold at the Spring Sale (it needs to be appropriate to the season).  

~Will it fit my child come April? June?

~Will the child actually wear it?

~Is it in impeccable, nearly new condition?

~Does it need to be fixed? Washed? Mended in any way?

For other items than clothes I ask the same type questions:

~Does my child ever read/play on/play with/use this item?

~Is it in nearly new condition?

~Does it need to be fixed/cleaned/etc.?

I then place my items in one of four containers:

"In Perfect Condition!  Sell!  Sell!  Sell!"

"Needs to be cleaned/fixed/mended so that I can Sell it! Sell it! Sell it!"

"These items are no longer "nearly new" but are still great and could bless someone at a Goodwill/etc."

"These items are torn/dirty/beyond repair/no one would want even if they were desperate/etc." I then put them in the trash!!  IMMEDIATELY!! There is no reason to keep such items in my house! Nor in anyone else's way.

Spring cleaning need not be performed ONLY in the spring! Fall cleaning can be EXTREMELY beneficial for the home and the mind as well in the Fall.  

The next blogs will be all about cleaning/packaging/and readying items for the sale, so check back with us!

Choosing To Donate? You will be Making a Difference in the Lowcountry!

Every registered consignor with Charleston Repeats must decide whether or not to donate or pick-up each of his or her items brought to the sale.  Some consignors choose to pick up everything they bring while others decide they want to donate every item they bring.  There are some who fall in the middle--donating some items while picking up others on pick-up day. Charleston Repeats is proud to be working with the following Charleston charities who will ensure that all donated items go to families who will truly benefit from them: The Salvation Army, Lowcountry Pregnancy Center, and Lowcountry Orphan Relief.

The Salvation Army~

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

Since 1906 The Salvation Army has been a part of the Charleston community assisting those in need. Current local programs include: emergency, holiday and back to school assistance for those in need; After School Programming and Summer Day Camp for elementary aged students; Men's Transitional Shelter; Emergency Disaster Services and the Family Store and Donation Center through which partnering agencies are able to refer clients to receive assistance as well. Volunteers are always welcome and an integral part of our services. It is the local community which continues to help The Salvation Army in "Doing the Most Good". For more information please visit us at call us at 843-747-5271 x15 or like us on Facebook Salvation Army Charleston, SC to receive up to date news.

Lowcountry Pregnancy Center~

The Lowcountry Pregnancy Center is a non-profit ministry offering life-affirming alternatives to abortion and compassionate Christian counsel to those who face pregnancy related issues.

Lowcountry Orphan Relief~

Lowcountry Orphan Relief, Inc. (LOR) is a non-profit organization that provides services to children where social and government services leave off. Working directly with other non-profits and government agencies to identify the individual needs of these neglected children, LOR intervenes at critical junctures with products and services such as: providing clothes, toiletries, and school supplies for the immediate needs of children entering the system and creating libraries and recreation rooms at emergency children's shelters.

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