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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

lores_smgirl02 I don't know about you, but I, personally, do not know how to crochet, smock, or hem a pair of pants. I know people that do, but if my sweet mom is too busy, I have to pay those people. I did learn how to cross-stitch when that was "the thing" back in the eighties. And, for my colonial arts project in the eighth grade I actually quilted a quilt for my doll (my granny and mom showed me how, and I remember fondly how nice that experience was).  But, when it comes to practical, every day sewing know-how -- I have none. When one of my pairs of pants becomes unhemmed, I fake a hem by pinning the pant's leg up till I can get to my mom's  (former home-ec teacher and jack-of-all-trades) or I just leave the pins in the hem indefinitely.  I know with a home-economics teacher for a mom I should know how, but I was unteachable when it came to sewing and even more defiant about cutting apart a whole chicken into fryer pieces.    I decided in my pre-teen and teen years to dig in my heels or find an excuse about why I was too busy.  And now, here I am years later, pinning up my pants on the way out the door. When it comes to my kid's clothes, and selling them at the sale, I know that I do not have the luxury of quickly rigging up the hems or pinning on a button just to make it through the day because the sale is about quality items and clothes (super-gluing a ripped knee of the Osh-Koshes would be another no-no).  It is at Sale time that I consult the experts at such sites as and OR watch a video on www.videojug or  It is amazing what is on the web for people that are deficient in sewing know-how.  From some of the websites, you can type in "sew a hem" and get step to step instructions on how to do just that!  If you go to videojug or youtube you can watch as a seam-sewing aficionado shows you how!  Outstanding!  A little bit of time and thread can be rewarded with money in your pocket.  Of course, you can do like I do ten Or, you can do nine times out of ten--take it to mom, or pay someone else's :)!

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