Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Good Question!

lores_wnboys03We have received a lot of great questions regarding our sale. Here are some of them:Can I bring jeans and long pants to this sale?   Yes, jeans are fine at both the Fall and Spring Sales. Pants are fine too at both sales, but use your common sense. We would take Khakis for instance, but not wool, double lined pants at the Spring sale. We would take linen pants, but not corduroy pants at the Spring sale and vice versa--corduroy would be most welcomed at the Winter Sale, but not linen.  Also, some dress-up clothes are okay at the Spring sale, but the all out costumes will sell much better at the Fall/Winter Sale (think Halloween).  Same goes for all holiday wear--sell it at the sale nearest the appropriate holiday (i.e. Fourth of July wear at the Spring/Summer sale and Christmas wear at the Fall/Winter Sale.

Do you accept sweaters at the Spring Sale?   Yes, as long as they are light sweaters that are Spring/Summer colors. We know that it can get cooler at night during the warmer months and light, summery sweaters would be great at the Spring sale!

Do you ONLY take boutique brands?   No, we will gladly take upscale, boutique brands as well as mainstream brand name brands that are "upscale" in quality. That means that you will be able to sell all of your Baby Gap romper and your Old Navy maternity outfit as well as your any and all boutique brands that you may have. We just really want to present clothes that look FANTASTIC no matter where you bought them. So please don't limit yourselves---bring ALL your quality, gently-worn, upscale items in to sell!

Do I have to be at Charleston Repeats to sell my items? Like at a flea market?   No. We will sell them for you. Register, tag your items, drop them off, and we will do the rest!

Look for more great questions coming soon!

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