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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Gearing up for a Great Fall!

IMG_1509Well I don't know about you guys, but as I attempt to walk around my house and instead trip on little toys and wadded up play clothes, I find myself saying under my breath, "I cannot wait to get rid of this stuff at the next sale!" I am getting really excited about "Fall Cleaning" and I have, in fact, already begun to get ready. I have a nook cleared away for the project in our room above the garage and two days ago I began going through the tupperware containers of clothing. I pulled out and separated fall from spring wear and then actually started hanging up some of the clothes! I am really proud of myself for starting so early. And the more I get ready, little by little, the more I know I will be able to get out of my house and be able to, at the same time, bless someone else. So, the word of the day is Start Now so you are not freaking out at the last minute and panicking! :) I like to start with the clothing first:sort into seasonal piles first then put away the clothes not for this season now that you have this season's clothes, sort into gender wash and fix stains for clothes that got put away dirty iron clothes that need it so they look their best hang on hangers and grouping according to size as you go make tags affix tags onto clothes rubber-band like gender and size together Then move onto shoes, toys, games, puzzles, etc. All this sorting and working, and pressing and making your items clean and pretty will make them more attractive to potential customers and put more money in your pocket!

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