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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

What Clothing Is Going to Be Accepted at the Fall Sale?

IMG_1510What a great question! And many of our savvy moms are genuinely wanting to know some answers. Hopefully what you will read below will help clear up some of the grey areas of what constitutes Fall clothing in Charleston.First off, the three of us: Elizabeth, Heather, and Amy have all lived in the Charleston area our whole lives, so we know how the weather can be here---hot/cold/rainy/hot/cold/hot/hot. We also know that we have sometimes, in December pulled a sweater on over our heads with a pair of jeans and topped it all off with a pair of Rainbows or Tevas. It can be confusing to know what to wear here in the Holy City. We also have boys and girls amongst us, and we do sometimes dress our boys in shorts and a short-sleeved polo with maybe a sweater vest to go to church in November. So, all that said, we know how crazy the weather can be and we understand that being a beach community, things can be laid back with clothes and shoes more than in other communities further inland. We are going to make every attempt to please both our consignors and shoppers with some guidelines for you to keep in mind as you are preparing your items. Please keep in mind that the Fall check-in for our consignors will be more subjective in nature than it was in the Spring. It is pretty obvious that we will accept jackets and sweaters at the fall sale and not bathing suits, but if we turn away a pink, short-sleeved gingham dress and ask you to please bring it back to the Spring sale, don't be offended. We are working with a set amount of racks and space at our new location at the Shriner's Convention Center and want to ensure that all consignors will be able to showcase their items and that all shoppers will be able come and see some awesome deals on all the nearly-new clothing our Charleston moms have to share!

Shorts: will be accepted so long as they are not too "Spring/Summery" in appearance. When deciding whether or not to bring them, ask yourself "Do these look like my child should wear these in December or July?" Linen shorts, seer-sucker shorts, linen john-johns, seer-sucker john-johns, for example will only be accepted in the spring. A light mint-green pair of girl's cotton shorts will be accepted in the spring. A pair of navy blue or khaki shorts will be accepted in the fall as well as the spring.

Short-sleeved shirts: polo/izod type shirts will be accepted at both sales.

Sort-sleeved dresses: We will be looking at the material and any motif on the dresses. A light-pink, smocked dress with bunnies on it will be accepted in the spring. A sleeveless corduroy hot-pink dress that either has or could go great with a turtleneck will be accepted in the fall.

Sandals: Please bring to the Spring sale.

Bathing Suits: please bring to the Spring sale.

If you end up with a clothing question and want it answered we are only an email away!

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