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Sunny Saves!

Sunny and Kids in Red_compressedJust wanted to let fellow Charleston Repeaters in on another great resource for moms who want to save money, be resourceful, and green all at the same  Sunny is a local mom who is having fun in the Lowcountry while making smart choices for herself and her family.  "Recently, our family made a decision to switch from 'conspicuous' to 'conscious' consumption - simple but revolutionary thinking.  We have a family budget and we want to make smart choices, AND we still want to have fun.  Who doesn't?"  Sunny says.  And she is passing on her finds to other Lowcountry moms throughout the week.  On her website you will find amazing deals going on at local stores, recipes, coupons, and ways to save the environment all in one super cute website/blog.  I must say that the site also saves my sanity.  I no longer have to do all the legwork myself on trying to find bargains in the Lowcountry~~Sunny does it for me!  The website is easy to use, has awesome pics, and great information for everyone including families.  Check out Sunny Saves and save bunches on your spending while lessening your imprint on the environment.

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