Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Fifteen Days Away!

IMG_1489Hey Gang! Well, I realized that the sale is definitely creeping up on me this weekend as I was organizing my stuff.  Making my piles of Goodwill/Charleston Repeats/and throw-away.  Cleaning, sorting, bagging, pricing, tagging.  Whooohooo--what a great feeling to de-clutter!  I have yet to move to the garage to spruce up all my strollers that I will be selling, but I know I need to get a-crackin'.  This two week away from the sale is always the same--I still have plenty of time to get it all done, but yet I feel an underlying urgency to clean and purge akin to the nesting feeling I had prior to the birth of a baby.  You too may feel the same feeling, but we all need to take it easy, relax, and be industrious at the same time.  If you have yet to register as a consignor know that you still have time, but don't wait too long or you could hit the panic mode.

Just some further tips to help you "think outside of the box" whilst purging:

Check the  . . . .

coat/junk closet: you might just find~a baseball mitt, winter hat, frisbee, kite, and too-tiny jacket someone else would love for their child

car: you might find a long lost Barbie outfit for the naked Barbie that you can now sell!

old bookbag/diaper bag:  look!  here is your old dancing outfit and ballet shoes

garage--stroller/s, tents, sporting equipment

Have fun culling the nearly new you have and get ready for some great deals on the new clothing, shoes, toys, and other items you will find at the sale!

Tell you friends get ready to have some fun!

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