Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Getting your Clothes Ready to Sell!

Okay, so many of you are probably wondering "how do I get my clothes to look their best on their hangers," and "where do I find children's wire hangers," and "can I double up items as one unit for my maternity wear since this season you are only accepting 10 items for those?"  I know you are asking these questions, because you have emailed us and asked them, so I am going to do an extra little tutorial here :) Hangers~~you can find children's sized wire hangers at a Walmart or Super Walmart when they are in stock.  I have also seen them at Target on occasion and have heard through the grape-vine that they can also be picked up at some of the dollar stores.  All that said, if everyone who is consigning their clothes are running out to pick them up, the stores may not have them in stock.  Never Fear!  You may easily use adult wire hangers as well.  Granted, they work better with 2T and over sizes, but they still can work.  You may also use either the plastic hangers like you get when you purchase your items, or nicer plastic hangers if you so wish to use those.  We prefer the wire hangers because they are cheaper for you and take up less room on the rack, but don't knock yourself out or fret if you are unable to find children's wire hangers--just improvise.

Swimsuits~swimsuits and trunks are always big seller's at the spring and summer sale here in Charleston.  To keep the suits from sliding off the hangers, you will need to safety pin the straps to the top rung of the hanger.  While pinning on the tag (which is to be on the garment's left side (your right side while facing it), you could possibly even do double duty with your pins--pin on the tag and through the strap or trunks at the same time, thus keeping the garment on the hanger and labeling it at the same time.  Remember to affix a piece of masking tape inside each item of clothing and shoes and other items that has your consignor number on it, to help us match the item back to you in the unlikely event that a tag falls off.

Outfits~Say that you have a boy's size 6 pair of khaki pants and a size 6 polo shirt.  Sell them together if you wish~sets go like gang-busters--no thinking required to match them up!  Just pin the top of the pants to the top rung of the hanger with safety pins and then hang the shirt over the pants OR you could hang the shirt first on a hanger (that is facing like a question mark) and then hang the pants on a hanger going in the opposite direction.  You can then tape with clear packing tape, the pants to the "back"back of the hanging shirt.  Put a piece of masking tape inside the pants and the shirt and make sure that on your tag that you say something along the lines of POLO pants AND blue POLO shirt. If you had a sweater vest, you could put that over the top of the shirt as well and make an even tastier outfit!

Sundresses~so sweet and so slippery on the hangers--just safety pin through the straps to hold them onto the top part of the hanger (like swimsuits).  Yes, this is much easier to do on wire hangers because they are thinner to pin around, so use an adult wire hanger.

Onsies~Pajamas~Charleston Repeats has a $3 minimum limit, so you will need to bundle up items in order to total $3.  There will be LOTS of onsies and pajamas, so bring your best to stand out from the crowd!  You may pin several onsies or pajamas together or flip-flop the hangers (see Outfits) in order to sell a "bundle" rather than one at a time.

Several pants or Shirts at a Time~See outfits above.  Just reverse the back hanger and hang the item in the opposite direction than the first so that both of your items can be clearly seen.

Shoes~Bag them in a gallon ziplock bag or smaller (depending on the size) and seal the bag shut with clear packing tape.  Tape the shoe's tag to the OUTSIDE of the bag.  And make sure that even though the shoes are in the bag, that they each have your consignor number on a piece of masking tape on each shoe so that in the unlikely event that a tag gets pulled off, that your shoes will be matched back to you and matched back to the tag.

The above is not taking the place of the Tagging and Merchandise Prep on the site.  That is the go-to-it source for all tagging information for us.  This is supplemental material.  Hope to see you all soon!  Happy Tagging!

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