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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Preparing to Consign?

I don't think that I have ever appreciated summer as much as I do now.  The hustle and never-ending bustle of the school year is now at a blessedly slow pace.  Overlapping schedules that pervade the school year have been replaced with activites that organically flow from one to another, and we are a well-rested family.  We are also a bit browner from days spent at the pool, beach, or riding bikes in the midday sun.  While the lazy days of summer may not seem conducive to preparing for the Fall sale, I like to use those extra minutes that I do not have every day during the school year to leasurely gear up for the sale.  Slow and steady, rather than a last minute rush. 

Here are some things that I do to prepare (see back-blogs and of course, the website, for even more tips):

* I go room by room. 

* I cull clothing first~asking--"Does Henry ever wear this?"  "Is he going to be able to wear it in December?"  I then, look the outfit over for wear and tear/stains/rips/missing buttons.  If it is able to be fixed into pristine condition, I put it in a container that I keep filling with clothing and shoes until closer to the sale (ironing/placing on hanger/pinning/tagging/etc.)

*  I look for toys and books that Iwish to sell and start a "sell at the sale" container(s) for these items too.   Closer to the sale (about a month out) I begin to bag and tag (see site for full details).  Toys missing pieces?  I hope beyond all hope that I will find the missing parts throughout the house or in the car or a garage.

*  While my kids are playing outside I use that time to go through the garage, looking at bikes, soccer balls, tents, etc. that could be sold and take them to me nook of the house where all things "to be sold" reside.

Happy thoughts and well wishes to all of those who are beginning your journey on the path to recyling and repeating!




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