Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Tips and Suggestions

Hi Consignors, Volunteers and Shoppers! Just wanted to remind you that we are nearing the middle of the month and our Early Bird Registration ends on June 30th. I also wanted to use this as an opportunity to run a few thoughts by you…..
1.        Vendors and Sponsors. If you know of anyone interested in being a vendor or a sponsor at the Sale, please have them email us at We have room for a few more vendors. Sponsors are always wanted! There is more information on our website at   We can also answer questions by email. This is a great way to advertise for your business!
2.       Calling ALL consignors! Have you thought about using Charleston Repeats as a fundraiser  for your school, preschool or church? Have your organization sign up as a consignor! Get your members and/or parents to bring you their gently used children’s items, you tag them, and bring them on drop off day! (Either have one person in charge of tagging, or give each person the username and password and they can tag themselves!). You make 65%  of the profits as a fundraiser! What an easy-shmeasy way to make money for your organization! Go to our website at to register!
3.       Volunteers are our backbone! Remember that there are great benefits to volunteering. If you have special talents that you think we could utilitize (no, we don’t need dancers or singers!) let us know! If you are pregnant, let us know as well as we have special duties that are easy on the feet!
4.       WE NEED TWEEN CLOTHING Do you have friends with 9-14 year old boys or girls? Do they dress to the tee? Do they have the latest and greatest games, books, bikes, and electronic equipment? If so, WE NEED THEM TO CONSIGN!!! One of our most common comments is that we need a larger selection of quality preteen clothing! If your friends are not interested, tell their kids to consign – this may be easier than babysitting or mowing grass! What a great way to teach preteens about making money and having a small business.
5.       CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!     Clean up your items and make them spiffy – we promise they will sell better and reap more pennies in your pocket! Remember to look through your bookshelves, game closets and garages. 
Can you tell that we are excited??? We hope that you are too!
Amy, Elizabeth and Heather

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