Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

What a great way to volunteer and shop all on the same day!

Here is a tip for all you hard-working mommas (and daddies) who want to shop earlier than the crowds but cannot find the time to shop let alone volunteer? Sign up for this shift:  6pm-10pm on 09/15/2010!!!

"Why would I do that?"  You ask.  "I want to be shopping on the night of the Presale Bash, not volunteering!"

Well, if you sign up to work just that 1, 4-hour shift, you will be able to SHOP when 4 hour volunteers shop (from 4-10pm on 9/15/2010) AND VOLUNTEER on the same day and be done!! break it down . . . . . .

First.  Register for the 6-10pm shift

Then, on 09/15/2010, stand in line outside the doors say, around 3:45PM with your basket and your eco-bags and your credit card or cash while talking and chatting with other moms, and calling to check on Little Lulu's shoe size.

Come in and shop at 4 like a mad fiend, snatching up deal after deal with a smile and a chuckle.

Shop till around 5:40.

Check out at the registers then click your heels with glee as you head to put your bundles in the car.

Come back into the Omar with your grin still gleaming, and grab your Charleston Repeats' apron.

Enjoy helping other moms shop from 6-10!

Shop early.  Volunteer a small amount of time.  Get it all done on one day!

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