Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Spring into Spring?! Already?!

I know, I know!  -----It cannot possibly be time to get my stuff together for the Spring 2011 Charleston Repeats' sale ---BUT IT IS NOW TIME! :) Starting today, December 1, 2010 you can now register to be a sponsor, vendor, consignor, volunteer, first time mom and EVEN BEGIN TAGGING (if you want to ;))

So for those of you who want to "spring" into high gear and begin purging your unused and outgrown clothing, shoes, toys, and more from your house as you listen to holiday tunes and sip on apple cider--you may!

For those of you frugal fashionistas who like to wait till the last minute to consign and prepare your items you may do that too, but please note that the deadline to register is March 4 at 11PM OR whenever all our slots fill up!

As an incentive to register now, we offer the ever-popular Early Bird Special.  Just for the month of December, the consignment fee that is normally $10 is only $6.  Only register to consign if you plan on showing up please :)  We don't want all the spots filled with no-shows!

If you are consigning, PLEASE read over our new additions/accepted/and non-accepted item changes.  We know there is a lot of information, but it is all important.  For example, we would hate for any of you to stay up till the wee hours, washing and bagging tiny socks and underwear just to show up at the Omar and have them turned away :(

We cannot WAIT to see all of your smiling faces this March: Drop-off 8th, Presale 9th, Public shopping 10-12th, Pick-up 13th.  See the "SALE SCHEDULE" on the website for hours and details.

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