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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Some answers to some frequently asked questions :)

How does this sale work?  (men seem to REALLY be in the dark about the whole consigning thing for some reason) Well, you have some things that your children have used and worn and no longer use and wear because they are growing up?  Yes?  Ok, well, then you can be a CONSIGNOR.  A consignor for Charleston Repeats goes to our website and clicks on "REGISTER", chooses the green consignor button, fills out required info and then receives a CONSIGNOR NUMBER.  The consignor number is what connects CR to the consignor.  That consignor number will be on all the TAGS that the consignor pins to the items.  Consignors for Charleston Repeats get to choose how much that 5T Lily Pulitzer dress is worth and wether or not they want each item discounted and donated.  Consignors drop off their goodies on the scheduled day.  Shoppers come and buy the consignors items that they want.  CR has a PRESALE BASH night for volunteers, consignors and their guests, and registered First Time Moms and their guests.  Public Sale days follow the Presale Bash and then a 50% off select item night for consignors, FTMoms and volunteers follows that, then a public 50% off sale.  Consignors who wish to pick up their items come back on Sunday to retrieve them. CR sends the consignors a check within two weeks of the sale for 65% of their sales.

May I use plastic hangers?

Yes, at this time we are still accepting plastic hangers.

Why do you guys prefer wire hangers?

Many reasons:  They take up less room, clothing is more easily pinned to the hanger preventing the clothing from falling to the floor.  Wire hangers do not snap in half.

Why do we have to use cardstock paper for our tags?

Cardstock is sturdier than regular ole paper.  Regular paper tags can rip from the pin and end up on the floor and under tables.  We have to spend literally hours throughout the sale trying to match up tags with items and put them back on the floor, taking time away from other jobs we should be doing like checking people out at the registers.

Where is the sale?

The Omar Shriners Convention Center in Mt. Pleasant.  176 Patriots Point Street.  (We have "Directions" on the top of the web page too with a map if you need a visual).

Why can't volunteers bring a guest like the consignors and FTMoms?

Because they work hard to earn the pass! :0)

More answers and questions to come!


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