Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

What clothing items do you accept at the Fall Sale vs. Spring Sale?

What a great question!  And VERY relevant considering the warm weather that we have for a VERY long time in the Lowcountry.  To better assess the type of materials and colors that would be appropriate for the Charleston Repeats' Fall sale think to yourself . . . . . . "would a catalogue company like L.L. Bean or J. Crew or Land's End sell this in their Fall/Winter catalogue?"  If yes, then bring it on!  If no, PLEASE SAVE IT FOR THE SPRING SALE!!   Below you will find some other helpful guidelines:

FALL SALE?  THINK . . . . . . . . . . .

Corduroy     Velvet     Dark-Colored Polos both Short and Long Sleeved     Dresses and Jumpers that are Fall/Winter in their design, material      Jeans      Khaki Pants and Khaki School Uniform Type Shorts   Jackets and Coats    Bucks     Dark-Colored Mary Janes     Sweaters    Sweater Vests that are more Fallish in Material/Design     Fleece     Boots     Tights or Stockings paired WITH an outfit     Halloween Costumes   Snow Ski Apparel     Dance and Gymnastic Apparel and Shoes   Fall Sporting Equipment and Shoes    Tennis Shoes/Sneakers     Rugby Type Shirts    Turtle Necks   Long-Sleeved Button Ups   Short-Sleeved Button Ups that are Darker in Color and Heavier in Material    Dark Colored Pants   Fall Holiday Themed Clothing   Clogs

SPRING SALE?  THINK   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Linen    Chiffon     Shorts     Swimsuits     Sandals     Penny-Loafers     Light-Colored, Thin Material Sweaters   Summer Sporting Equipment and Shoes      Tennis Shoes/Sneakers     Lighter Colored Polo Type Shirts that are Short Sleeved      Dresses and Jumpers that are Spring/Summer in their design, theme, and/or material    Light Colored and Light Material Summery Jackets    Spring/Summer Holiday Themed Clothing     Light Colored Mary Janes     Crocs     Jeans     Dance and Gymnastics Apparel and Shoes    Short-Sleeved Button Ups that are Lighter in Material and Color   Uniforms

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