Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

What Clothing Do You Accept at the Spring Sale?

What a great question!  And VERY relevant considering the warm weather that we have for a VERY long time in the Lowcountry.  To better assess the type of materials and colors that would be appropriate for the Charleston Repeats' Spring Sale and the clothes you should hang on to  for the Fall sale, think to yourself . . . . . . "would a catalogue company like L.L. Bean or J. Crew or Land's End sell this in their Spring/Summer catalogue?"  If yes, then bring it on!  If no, PLEASE SAVE IT FOR THE FALL SALE!!   Below you will find some other helpful guidelines:

SPRING SALE?  THINK   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Linen    Chiffon     Shorts     Swimsuits     Sandals     Penny-Loafers     Light-Colored, Thin Material Sweaters   Summer Sporting Equipment and Shoes      Tennis Shoes/Sneakers     Lighter Colored Polo Type Shirts that are Short Sleeved      Dresses and Jumpers that are Spring/Summer in their design, theme, and/or material    Light Colored and Light Material Summery Jackets    Spring/Summer Holiday Themed Clothing     Light Colored Mary Janes     Crocs     Jeans     Dance and Gymnastics Apparel and Shoes    Short-Sleeved Button Ups that are Lighter in Material and Color   Uniforms

FALL SALE?  THINK . . . . . . . . . . .

Corduroy     Velvet     Dark-Colored Polos both Short and Long Sleeved     Dresses and Jumpers that are Fall/Winter in their design, material      Jeans      Khaki Pants and Khaki School Uniform Type Shorts   Jackets and Coats    Bucks     Dark-Colored Mary Janes     Sweaters    Sweater Vests that are more Fallish in Material/Design     Fleece     Boots     Tights or Stockings paired WITH an outfit     Halloween Costumes   Snow Ski Apparel     Dance and Gymnastic Apparel and Shoes   Fall Sporting Equipment and Shoes    Tennis Shoes/Sneakers     Rugby Type Shirts    Turtle Necks   Long-Sleeved Button Ups   Short-Sleeved Button Ups that are Darker in Color and Heavier in Material    Dark Colored Pants   Fall Holiday Themed Clothing   Clogs


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