Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Consignors: Materials Needed to Begin Tagging

lores_supplies03 I am still in the process of culling the clothing my children can no longer fit in as well as all the items that they have grown out of playing with like books, toys, and movies. It truly is not spring for me until I have spring cleaned their stuff and made some extra cash! Twice a year I not only have to go around and gather their stuff (and then hide it so they don't insist that they will surely perish without that toy they have never played with), but I also have to make sure that my consignor basket is stocked with all the necessary tools of a consignor:

Rubber bands--used to rubber band the hangers together for all the same size and gender clothing (ex. all 2T girl's clothes will have a big rubber band around the hangers) Safety pins--1 inch or larger--no tiny gold ones--used to pin pants onto the hangers, to pin the tag on the clothing items, can be used to pin shoes together (through the laces) Masking tape--to tape my consignor number to the inside of all clothing items and shoes and toys in case the tag falls off the item the staff will still know who the item belongs to Clear packing tape--to secure ziplock bags filled with toys and other goodies and to tape hangers together that are being sold as one unit (ex. want to sell two shirts for one price? you may tape the two hangers together) Hangers--I use the cheap metal ones that I collect from the cleaners all year. Big Ziplock Bags--used for larger items and blankets Smaller Ziplock Bags--used for all sorts of stuff--toys, utensils, bibs, etc. Pad of paper--to write down any notes to myself (ex. find the other red shoe, don't forget the swimsuits!) Cardstock for tagging--NO regular or colored paper allowed . . . . the regular copy-paper tags are too flimsy and our scanner is not able to read some of the colored cardstocks

My laptop--I LOVE the online barcode tagging because it is easier for me to type all the information in and I love to know what items have sold.

Once my basket is filled and my items gathered all I have to do then is sit down and tag. It doesn't take a long time to tag as long as I have my basket of supplies ready to go. I keep them there from year to year and just refill it as needed! Super easy!

Oh---I also keep scissors in the basket in order to trim off any loose threads!

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