Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

A Word for New Consignors

WELCOME all NEW Charleston Repeats' CONSIGNORS!!!

We are soooooooooo glad to have your fresh-faced enthusiasm with us for the Spring sale and we would LOVE if each and every one of you would consign in the Fall, and next Spring, and the next Fall.  Since we want to do everything we can to make this experience as fun and pain free as it can be :)  I am taking this opportunity to tell you the basics (just an overview) of consigning with Charleston Repeats.  


1.  Pretty much everything you need to know is on our website:  Every now and then a snappy momma comes up with a question/point/comment/issue that we have never faced before and then we add that to the website for the next sale.  But all the major questions regarding the sale like, "when is drop off?"  "how do I price my items?"  "may I use fuschia hello-kitty paper to put my tags on?" etc. are answered on the website.  We went through MANY, MANY hours writing the website, thinking through issues like, "you need to print your tags on cardstock," (why? because the paper tags fall all over the floor and then we are unable to sell your item for you), so PLEASE READ THE WEBSITE :)

2.  How does this consignment thing work?

a.  you have many items that your child no longer wears/plays with/etc. and you would like to make some $ . . . . . .soooooooo you

b. gather all your goods together and after reading through our list of accepted/non-accepted items you create several piles (bring to Charleston Repeats, throw away, Goodwill, give to your niece, etc.)

c.  for the Charleston Repeat's pile you clean up/fix up/put together all the puzzle pieces, wash and iron all the cute polos and smocked dresses and get them ready to sell.  Remember that people will want to buy the items that are presented in the nicest way.  Iron wrinkly clothing, package your child's bedding nicely as per the website instructions, etc.

d.  gather up your tagging/prepping materials (see previous blog)

e.  prepare all your items--hang clothing/bag toys/etc.

f.  prepare your tags--either use our online tagging system by accessing your "portal" (where you go once you enter your userID and password) or by handwriting them.  Suggestions on pricing can be found online.  USE CARDSTOCK and pin the pins vertically :) (not horizontally) and put the pin through one time.  Our Facebook page has photographs to see regarding pinning/packaging of items.

g.  put all your items in your car and bring your SIGNED CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT FORM (found on our website too)

h.  drop off your goods either on Monday by appointment only (go to your portal to make an appointment time) or on Tuesday by appointment or by walking in at any time during the drop-off period (see current calendar online).

i.  all consignors receive 2 passes for consigning to the Presale Bash on Wednesday :)  Make sure you come shop!  Bring an eco-tote, laundry basket with a string tied through it to pull behind you, etc.  (Charleston Repeats does not have shopping carts).  We accept Discover/MC/VISA and cash.

j.  encourage everyone you know to come shop too!  More shoppers means more $ in your pocket.

k.  come to the 50% off Presale Bash on Friday evening (check current calendar on the website).

l.   if you choose to donate all your items, you can sit back and enjoy watching your inventory grow as we meticulously enter all the tags from the sale (this feature is only available for those consignors who enter online tags).  If you wish to pick up unsold items, come back on Sunday, between 1 and 4 to pick up your items.

m.  we will send out checks within two weeks after the sale ends, so deposit it!  (Many consignors say that they make more than they spend every sale :)


Volunteers shop earlier than consignors, and FTMoms, but we try to make it fun.  You will definitely be expected to help with the sale and not just talk on your phone, chit-chat, etc. but the time will fly by for there is so much to do!  We have MANY repeat volunteers . . . . . they realize that the effort is worth the shopping early pass! To volunteer, sign up in your portal.

Store up supplies like safety pins, cardstock on sale, hangers, etc. throughout the year . . . . save all the materials from the clothing you will buy this Spring to sell your items in the Fall.

For pricing, I always think to myself . . "how much would I spend on this?"  I would rather it sell than bring it home!

Preparing your items takes time . . . . . .DO NOT WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE!  

Seasoned consignors have learned to only bring their best, in-season, clothing and shoes to the sale.  a few new consignors have been frustrated the first drop-off they come to because we have turned away soiled, torn, out-of-season items they have brought.  ONLY BRING YOUR BEST.

I always tell my new consignors: "the first time is the hardest" and it is true ONLY because you are having to learn the ropes . . . . . but after the first time, you will not have to READ the WEBSITE as meticulously and you will soon be a PROFESSIONAL consignor who LOVES the sale coming around every year :)

As always, after you have read the website and have any questions/comments/confusion still PLEASE ask before you get to the Omar for drop off.  We are here to help and assist you through this!  YOU CAN DO IT!





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