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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

:) New Information/Changes/Additions About the Fall 2012 Sale :)


Hey, Howdy, Hey!

How are you fine people?  Enjoying your summer?  We are too and looking forward to seeing you soon in September for the FALL SALE!!!
You will find lots of changes this season, as usual.  We learn from year to year what works and doesn't work on our end/your end/etc. and always value your sweet comments and suggestions.  With all that said, we want to take this opportunity AHEAD of the registration day to let you know of some of the biggest changes/additions.  Please make sure you read the website too.
If everything goes as planned, registration will open 12AM July 1st and run till Friday, September 7th at 11:00 p.m. (Or sooner if all spots fill up!)
The sale is still at the Omar Convention Center in Mt. Pleasant, SC and will occur the week of September 12th (Presale Bash Night).  See sale schedule for the full schedule!!
1.  The schedule this season is like last season.  We now have drop off on Monday evening, September 10th (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY) in addition to the Tuesday, September 11th drop-off (by appointment or walk-in).
2.  We will END DROP-OFF of items for consignors promptly at 7PM on Tuesday, September 11th NOT 9PM as in years gone by. (See schedule at
3.  Consignors now have a MINIMUM dollar amount of $35.  To participate as a consignor you must now bring in at least $35 of goods.  
4.  Volunteers are the absolute backbone of Charleston Repeats.  We absolutely could not do what we do without our super-specacular volunteers!!!!!!  Therefore, VOLUNTEERS get to shop EARLY, AND they also get a DISCOUNTED consignor registration fee!!! (if they register to consign).  Register as always, paying the $15 consignor registration fee and if you volunteer for 8 hours you will be credited back $5 on your consignor check.  12 hour volunteers will be credited back $10 :)  VOLUNTEERS ROCK!!!
5.  "Early Bird" consignor registration has been discontinued.  We want to explain why this has occurred and the reasons are three-fold.  1.  We found that MANY people signed up for a discounted rate and then were no-shows "well, I only lost $5 by not getting my stuff ready." and yet we were telling people who truly wanted to consign that we were full (because on paper it looked like we were!)   2.  Little birdies let us know that people were paying $5 only to procure consignor passes and never consigning a thing (also keeping true consignors from signing up--hence the $35 minimuml).  3.  Prices keep creeping up and up on our end on every ad we purchase to bring in shoppers, to rental fees on tables, to the gas we pay for to transport the racks.
6.  We heard you guys at drop-off and as you were shopping and many of you are still hankering for the maternity wear!!!!  So . . . . . even though we told you all at drop-off in the Spring that we are no longer taking maternity . . . . we are :)  Bring 5 (no longer 10) of your best maternity items to sell!!
7.  NO MORE HANDWRITTEN TAGS!!!!!  All tags must be entered on the online tagging system that we use, so pay attention to when online tagging ends: 7am, Tuesday, September 11th and go ahead and ENTER your items first so that you can spend those last few hours pinning tags, not entering/pinning them.  We know this may be scary for the few of you that still solely handwrite your tags, but it really is a BREEZE to do the online system. Just shoot us an email if you get really antsy.
Be sure to read over the website as always to look at some other tidbits of info we've added.  We have some super-duper fun surprises in store for you guys too! :)  One of them will be announced over Facebook in the next few days--maybe even today---, so "like" us today so you don't miss out !! :)
Heather, Elizabeth, and Amy
Charleston Repeats

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