Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

We are Looking for a Fresh Face for Charleston Repeats!

The three of us are H-A-N-K-E-R-I-N-G for a fresh, new look at Charleston Repeats!  That cute little kid in the rain slicker has served us well for years now, but we want something FRESH!!

Do you have a photograph of your child/children that would be a great way to represent Charleston Repeats?  If not, maybe you could get cracking on creating the PERFECT photo!  Wouldn't it be exciting to have your little baby girl OR your boisterous boys, etc. be the FRESH, NEW face of Charleston Repeats?

Contest Rules:

a.  One entry per household

b.  Prize: winner will be featured on the opening page of the website and MAY be featured in other print ads/on facebook, etc.

c.  All entries become the property of Charleston Repeats, LLC

d.  If your photo is chosen, you will be required to fill out a waiver form.

e.  Due Date:  Must be received in our email inbox by 5pm on July 31st.

f.  Email entries to

g.  Electronic photos must be 300 dpi or better quality.

We cannot wait to see your demure/spunky/funny/sweet/precocious/studious child/children!!!!

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