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School Bell is About to Ring!

Every May I cannot WAIT for my three kids (10,9, and 6) to be out of school for the summer. I long for those lazy, long days spent at the beach, pool, with family and friends. Then, before I know it, school is about to start up again and soon after July the 4th I am reminded about all the things that will need to happen prior to the first ring of the bell. It is definitely a shock to my system as well as the kid's systems. Here is my list so far anything I've left out? What do you guys have to do to get prepared for the beginning of school?

--new uniforms/clothes

--new school supplies

--new book bags/lunch boxes

--get in the dentist appointments

--update the shot records

--get their hair cut/coiffed again--pool hair leaves my kid's hair looking more like straw

--start putting everyone in bed earlier and waking up earlier (ouch!!)

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