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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Three Weeks to go--What to do?

So, you've registered to consign and there are about three weeks to go.  Wow!  Presale night (Wednesday, September 12th) and public sale days are creeping up on you (September 13-15th) and you are not sure what to do?  Feeling a little overwhelmed?  Well don't!  Here is a breakdown of the way you new (and old) consignors can approach this last month with less trepidation and even anticipation :)  I am telling you once again---WAITING TILL THE NIGHT BEFORE TO GET IT ALL TOGETHER STINKS!! If you attempt it, I promise that it will be the last time you do it that way because it is too much to do in too short a time and you will be tired and cranky on drop-off days (Monday, September 10th from 5-8PM by APPOINTMENT only OR on Tuesday, September 11th from 9AM-7PM)


WEEK 3, PART ONE:  Get all your items together that you want to sell this week.

In older blogs you will find a "room reminder" that will bring to mind items that you can/should sell.  But just take time all this week to go from room to room, cabinet to cabinet, drawer to drawer and closet to closet finding clothing, shoes, toys, books, safety equipment, sporting goods, dishes, costumes, jackets, puzzles, room decor, etc. that your child does not need/use any more AND that is in great/pristine condition.  You don't have to freak out about it, just every day take a room or two and pull ALL that you find that is able to be sold into ONE area (your staging/ready to prep area) like the dining room table, the corner of your guest room, etc.

WEEK 3, PART TWO:  Get the items cleaned and ready

Missing button on that shirt?  Sew one on or put in a Goodwill pile (we will not accept without it).  I personally do not take the time to sew on buttons prior to sale, with school in full swing, and the sale to prep for, if it doesn't have a button I put it in my Goodwill pile.

Wash all clothing that needs to be washed.  Stinky clothes are yucky clothes.  Use stain remover to get out stains--oxyclean, etc. (see stain removal guide on our website if you want).  Still cannot remove that formula stain from that darling smocked dress?  Put it in the Goodwill bag.  Got the stain out? GREAT!!  Iron the dress if needed and put it on a hanger (wire or plastic) and hang it up (in a closet, on a drying rack, etc.)

Find all the pieces to that puzzle.     Clean the glass on that pretty picture frame.     Get the dirt off the soccer cleats.

WEEK 2:    Enter all your treasures into the online tagging system and get your cardstock to print on. Remember--from now on we are ONLY accepting BARCODED TAGS---no more handwritten tags will be accepted.

I like to get out my laptop (we have wireless) and take to my staging area and just start tagging away on the online tagging.  It looks something like this:  2T Boys   White Polo long-sleeved shirt with khaki old navy cords and navy sweater vest (yes, I lump it all together if I can for I feel like sets tend to sell better and YES, all that would count as one "item" and YES you can either pin it/hang it on one hangar or tape two hangars together) Donate: yes  Discount: yes  Price:  13.00 (that is just a price I whipped out of my head--sounds good for all that--I'd pay 13 for all that--you might choose $20  another person might put $8--it's up to you!)

WEEK 1:  Print out and affix cards to items and put masking tape with your consignor number on all items so that if the card fell off we could track the item back to you and hopefully match the lost card with the lost item.

I like to put all my books/videos in a bag (the tables at drop off are near each other).  Put all my toys together.  And then I rubber band like sizes and genders together (all 3t girls clothing rubber banded together.  All size8 boys together, etc.)

Grab your signed consignor agreement (online under "consignor agreement tab) and stuff into the car.  Take all Goodwill items to the Goodwill on the way to Charleston Repeats drop off day! (September 10th from 5-8 by APPOINTMENT only OR September 11th from 9AM-7PM--at the Omar Convention Center, Mt. Pleasant.)


PLEASE, PLEASE read "accepted and non-accepted items" BEFORE you clean and prep and print and prep a tag for an item that we DO NOT ACCEPT :)  You will be frustrated with us when we turn a car-seat away that you have worked hard cleaning and prepping and stuffing in your car.  But sweet mamas we don't accept them and never have (on the not accepted list)  You will find the whole experience of consigning either with us much more enjoyable if you Goodwill a cute dress with a tiny button missing rather than attempting to bring it to consign only to have it turned down.

Make your tags descriptive enough that we can match it up with your item if the tag happens to become detached from your item.

Attach the pins to your clothing items VERTICALLY :)  And have it go through the card ONLY ONCE :)  (easier for you to affix and for us to remove that way).  See the photo at the top of this post as an example.

Make sure all your pieces/parts of your toys are SECURELY taped together.

Drop off days for the Spring 2012 sale are ONLY ON Monday, September 10th OR Tuesday, September 12th, at the aforementioned times!!!! :)  (We will tell you "we are so, so very sorry, but we cannot accept your items if you try to bring them on ANY other day/time)

Pick up day--if you choose to not donate---is SUNDAY, September 16th FROM 1-4.  If you come at 12:58, you will find the door shut because we are still getting ready for you awesome peeps!  We open at 1 SHARP!  Arrive at 4:02, your items will have already been picked up by our awesome charities to bless other Lowcountry families.  These charities are lightening fast quick!!

As always, if you have a question, email us at :)


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