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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Letter to First Time Moms: Fall 2012 Presale Bash Info

Okay all you frisky mommas!   Are you excited about the upcoming Presale Bash?  :)  IT IS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th from 7PM-10PM at the Omar Convention Center, Mt. Pleasant, SC :) The three of us would like to take this opportunity to do some housekeeping/information gathering/information giving :)  So PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL CAREFULLY!!!

1.  A couple of you have had some questions regarding the process of FTM registration/how many people you can bring/ whether or not you can bring a stroller etc.  So, to clear things up . . . . . .   

a.  if you are receiving this email you are one of our FTMs! :)  We (Charleston Repeats--here in Charleston) use an AWESOME software system called MCM (my consignment manager--in Atlanta) that holds all the information online tagging, volunteers, FTMs who sign up etc.  If you need us (Elizabeth, Heather, and Amy) email us directly at . . . not MCM.  We LOVE answering your questions about the sale :)  

b. If you are receiving this email, that means you may bring ONE guest with you . . . . . any one of your choosing--you do not have to register them too.  

c.  If you are receiving this email, that means that your name will be on a list at the Omar Convention Center in Mt. Pleasant, SC on Presale Bash night :)  We WILL check you off our list.  We do NOT just let everyone/anyone in.  You are SPECIAL TO US!!

d.  You may start lining up at the Omar whenever you choose, but you will only be allowed in on Wednesday, September 13th at 7PM.  The sale lasts till 10PM sharp.  Bring a eco-tote to collect your goodies OR even BETTER--a laundry basket with a belt or cord looped through the holes to pull around behind you throughout the hall---your shoulder will thank you for this!!  There is---too much to see---travel light!  

e.  Strollers are NOT ALLOWED AT ALL Presale Night.  You may bring a stroller with you on Public Shopping days. We respectfully request that you bring your children with you on the public sale days.    

f.  We accept Visa/MC/Discover/and cash--no checks.  

g.  You will not have to carry large items around with you (like pack n plays, strollers, etc.) We have a "Big Ticket" process for these items.  Ex.  You spy a stroller you want?   Flag down a CR volunteer.  He/she will put a number (say, 222 for ex) on the stroller, and have it in the back for you to pick up once you have paid, they will give you a blue ticket with #222 on it, and put the price tag (that now has #222) on it up at the registers.  When you get to the register, you will say, "I have big ticket #222!"  We will then, get the price tag, ring you up and you will pay.  We will stamp your card to prove you have paid.  You will exit the main sale with your clothing, shoes, smaller items, and then present your "yes, I paid!" card to the lady/man behind the building.  

How is the sale set up? When you walk in . . . . . .

Registers are at your right with toys/puzzles/games/infant feeding supplies in front of them on lots of tables.  Behind the tables are exisaucers, bouncers, pack-in-plays, etc. and to your far, far, right will be the strollers.  

On your left will be clothing . . . . boys clothing first then girls further out.  Behind the clothing on the right are shoes and maternity wear with gates/tents/dvds/cds/and room decor behind them.  

In the middle will be costumes, followed by sports equipment and diaper bags.  

On the stage will be rugs and room accents, bedding, and blankets.  

Helpful hints . . . . . .  

Go ahead and think about what you need now . . . . size?  how old will your little one be in January?  (ex. need 9-12m boy . . . .and 3T girl)  What size shoes will you need?  etc.  

Bring a bag . . . . we do NOT have carts for you to use.  

Travel Light when you arrive . . . . LOTs of other moms, dads, friends, aunts, etc. are shopping too.  

Think through your purchases BEFORE you get in line.  The people behind you will not like waiting behind you while you think carefully over each outfit at the register.  We have sorting racks throughout the hall for this purpose.

We are sooooooo excited that you are going to be with us very soon!  YEEEEEEEEEE! :)


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