Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Fall clothing? What constitutes "fall" clothing at Charleston Repeats?

GREAT question and Yes!  We do agree that it stays warmer here for longer than up North, but due to the size of our great location at the Omar Convention Center, the three of us have had to put our heads together and make a list of what we are going to accept at the fall sale versus the spring sale.  If you don't see an item listed below say, like pastel shorts, or swimsuit, or seersucker pants, then that means we consider those items to be spring/summer items.

Thanks so much for being on top of your A-game, already beginning to tag and asking awesome questions!!  An email will be sent out this weekend for consignors regarding drop-off/pick-up/etc. so be on the lookout! 

FALL SALE?  THINK . . . . . . . . . . .

Corduroy     Velvet     Dark-Colored Polos both Short and Long Sleeved   We WILL accept White Short-Sleeved Polo since part of school uniforms---(white short sleeved polos are in the fall LL Bean, etc. magazines along with fall colors)    Dresses and Jumpers that are Fall/Winter in their design, material      Jeans     Pants--Khaki/Navy/Olive/etc. School Uniform Type Shorts and Skirts    Jackets and Coats    Bucks     Dark-Colored Mary Jane Type Shoes (ie. no sandals)     Sweaters    Sweater Vests that are more Fallish in Material/Design     Fleece     Boots     Tights or Stockings paired WITH an outfit     Halloween Costumes   Snow Ski Apparel     Dance and Gymnastic Apparel and Shoes   Fall Sporting Equipment and Shoes    Tennis Shoes/Sneakers     Rugby Type Shirts    Turtle Necks   Long-Sleeved Button Ups   Short-Sleeved Button Ups that are Darker in Color and Heavier in Material    Dark Colored Pants   Fall Holiday Themed Clothing   Clogs     John-Johns that are Fall Holiday Themed and/or Heavier in Material and/or Darker in Color    Pullovers   Hoodies (with no neck-strings)    Cargo Pants


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