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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Volunteer Letter: Fall 2012

Hello Frisky Mommas and Dads! The Fall sale for Charleston Repeats is next week away Are you ready :) ?? We are super pumped about seeing you veteran volunteers once again and meeting our newbie volunteers :) !! We could NOT DO what we do without the dedication of AWESOME volunteers. Because of that we have made some much needed changes to our schedule of events. We TRULY need you to take the time to please READ the following information about volunteering with Charleston Repeats :) THANK YOU!!


1. Volunteers may pick up wrist bands from the Omar AHEAD of the Presale Bash ONLY on the following days / times: Monday, September 10th from 5-8pm OR Tuesday, September 11th from 9am-7pm.

2. You may pick up your wristband at the Presale Bash if you prefer. A volunteer will be at the door of the Presale checking bands and passing out bands to registered volunteers only.

3. Each volunteer will receive ONE pass for his/her designated time of the Presale Bash. For the newbies: You may only bring your hubby/boyfriend/momma/cousin/sister/etc. with you to a volunteer presale shopping time if that person has volunteered too. We get requests all the time regarding bringing and extra person and we are :( but we only allow one pass per volunteer. Your color-coded pass will be for the hours you worked (i.e. a 12 hour volunteer will receive the correct color-coded wristlet for the 12 hour shopping period and this may not be traded in for 3, 4 hour volunteer passes).

4. If you are a consignor too, you will also receive your two consignor passes that you may pass along to whomever you wish :)

5. New this season: Consignors who ALSO volunteer, will receive $5 back on his/her consignor check for volunteering 8 hours or $10 back on his/her consignor check for volunteering 12 hours.

6. 12 hour volunteers may begin entering the hall at 1PM on Wednesday, September 12.

7. 8 hour volunteers may begin entering the hall at 2PM on Wednesday, September 12.

8. 4 hour volunteers may begin entering the hall at 3PM on Wednesday, September 12.

9. Consignors enter the hall at 4PM and FTMoms enter the hall beginning at 7PM. We close at 10PM on Presale Bash night.

10. Volunteers get to shop BEFORE consignors on the 50% off Presale Bash on Friday, September 14 beginning at 5PM. (Consignors enter at 6PM, FTM and FB friends at 7PM and doors will stay open till 9PM.)

11. When you show up to volunteer:

A. Look for the hot pink posterboard that says "volunteer check-in" up near the registers.

B. Find your name and sign in by your name :) This is how we know you came --and for consignors--how you get $ back.

C. Grab a white apron and ask Amy, Elizabeth, or Heather what you can be doing (if we are rushing around)---more than likely, with each new volunteer shift we will let you know what we need help with :)

D. When your shift is over please be sure to sign "out" by your name as well :)


12. We have had people asking what they may be asked to do as a volunteer with Charleston Repeats. It really depends on the day. Drop off days you may be running clothing back and forth to the racks or organizing racks or tables of toys, books, clothing, etc. On the sale days, you may be asked to help people with their items at the registers, watch the door, organize the racks, put missing tags back on missing items, on Friday and Saturday we begin the process of "breaking down." Everything is still out and in its place, but you may be asked to help us condense the clothing racks, etc.

14. We are really thankful about the time you spend with us and hope to make it as productive as possible in order to keep Charleston Repeats running smoothly and beautifully. Therefore, we respectfully request that you refrain from "shopping" ahead of time on Monday and Tuesday or stashing items. Please keep cell phone calls to a minimum too. It's hard to organize toys with only one hand! THANKS!!

15. We will have a cooler of water bottles available as much as we can, but you will need to bring any snacks you will need. If you are working for 8 hour or 12 hours straight, just let us know when you need a food break :)

16. For newbies (shoppers will ask you these type of questions) : parking is free / admission is free / we do not have shopping carts so bring a laundry basket with a belt looped through it to pull behind you--it will get heavy on your shoulders carrying bags / we accept cash/visa/mc/discover/and American Express and No checks.

Again, the three of us--Amy, Elizabeth, and Heather want to shout out THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

If you have any questions/concerns/just write us at :)

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