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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Clean and Cull Now----Consign Later!

Image As you pull out the children's long-johns, coats, boots, and scarves and make room in their closets for the long-sleeved sweaters and shirts, go ahead and make more room now--and start your consignment containers for the Spring Sale!

Here is how I get ready to "swing into spring" in the fall~~

I go to each room in my house---including the garage---and ask myself a series of questions and then I put each item in the appropriate container.  

The QUESTONS I ask myself regarding clothing and shoes:

~Could this item be sold at the Spring Sale (it needs to be appropriate to the season).  

~Will it fit my child come April? June?

~Will the child actually wear it?

~Is it in impeccable, nearly new condition?

~Does it need to be fixed? Washed? Mended in any way?

For other items than clothes I ask the same type questions:

~Does my child ever read/play on/play with/use this item?

~Is it in nearly new condition?

~Does it need to be fixed/cleaned/etc.?

I then place my items in one of four containers:

"In Perfect Condition!  Sell!  Sell!  Sell!"

"Needs to be cleaned/fixed/mended so that I can Sell it! Sell it! Sell it!"

"These items are no longer "nearly new" but are still great and could bless someone at a Goodwill/etc."

"These items are torn/dirty/beyond repair/no one would want even if they were desperate/etc." I then put them in the trash!!  IMMEDIATELY!! There is no reason to keep such items in my house! Nor in anyone else's way.

Spring cleaning need not be performed ONLY in the spring! Fall cleaning can be EXTREMELY beneficial for the home and the mind as well in the Fall.  

The next blogs will be all about cleaning/packaging/and readying items for the sale, so check back with us!

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