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Can tidying a room help tidy your brain?




I like cleaning up . . . . I always have.  (every thing but piles of papers/worksheets/letters/etc.)  I enjoy tidying up.  It has always made me feel more buoyant and light. Purging the clutter makes my brain feel like it has been purged of clutter too.  The following article sheds more light on this phenomenon:

Clean Your Room…Empower Your Mind

June 16th, 2010 by Paul Scheele

It’s well understood that the best way to achieve peak performance in anything you do is to get yourself into an alpha brain wave state.

This is the “flow” state where athletes break world records, scientists make profound discoveries, and musicians compose glorious symphonies.

One way to quickly change your brain state is to change the flow of energy in your environment.

Using an EEG machine, we’ve seen how a person’s brain waves immediately shift from beta frequency to the desired alpha state when in a room where Diamond Feng Shui is applied.

But you don’t have to practice Feng Shui to generate more alpha waves.

Just do as your mom directed—clean your room!


Decluttering your home and workspace can change the frequency of the energy flowing there and help shift your brain waves from beta to alpha.

Cluttered rooms, dingy walls, and piles of paper reflect chaos, causing your brain to produce beta energy waves. In this environment you may feel overwhelmed, depressed, or unsupported. You might struggle to keep up or find it difficult to create what you want.

The moment you start to declutter and create new space, you generate more alpha and fewer beta waves. You start attracting more of the tremendous power available to you to open your intuition, spark your creativity, and make your life more rewarding in every respect.

The results you experience in life are either stifled or enhanced by the energy in your environment. If you’re feeling confined, frustrated, or stymied and you want to access that magical alpha state of mind, heed your mother’s words.

Clean your room… and you’ll empower your mind.

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