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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Consigning 101

So, you've decided to consign with Charleston Repeats because a friend told you about it, so you go online and register.  You then begin to look over the website and suddenly feel overwhelmed.  You think to yourself--"What have I done?!!"   Well, don't fret!  You will be fine!  AND after you consign this season, you will be a PROFESSIONAL, SEASONED consignor for the next sale!  Here we have put together a "class" in "Consigning 101" with Charleston Repeats!


1.  BEFORE you get your items together that you want to sell---REGISTER online at  You will be asked to pay $15 in registration fees prior to every sale that you consign with us.  This money helps us rent the Omar Convention Center where the sale is held.  The Omar is unfortunately, not free :)

2.  Go through each room and closet of your home, your car(s), your attic, and your garage, gathering seasonally appropriate clothing and shoes (at the spring sale we accept spring clothing and at the fall sale, we accept fall clothing), toys, books, puzzles, bedding, room decor, furniture, bicycles, sports equipment, maternity wear, feeding equipment, and more that is in GREAT condition that you are ready to part with.  Charleston Repeats' shoppers expect items that are in working order, have batteries (so they know the items work), have ALL the pieces and parts (ex. shopper's children are sad, rightfully so, if the puzzle is missing pieces), and are free from stains, pills, rips, tears, and are IN STYLE :)  For items that you find that are less than stellar, but still usable, please find another outlet for them--such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.  For items that are busted, broken, missing pieces, etc. you may just need to toss them.

Go ahead and think to yourself what you want to do with any unsold items left over at the end of the sale?  You have two choices: either pick them up from 1-4 on Sunday after the sale OR donate them to our charities: The Journey House, The Lowcountry Pregnancy Center, Lowcountry Orphan Relief, and Salvation Army of Charleston.  Your donations TRULY bless needy families in the Lowcountry!!  For those consignors who choose to donate, there are forms available from the Salvation Army at drop-off for you to fill out and send in for a "charitable donation."  You will be able to look at your inventory list and see what sells and doesn't sell and be able to determine how much is going to charity.

Also go ahead and think through your end-objective . . . . . do you want to price your items on the higher end of the scale, risking that they may not sell, in the hopes that they will sell for a higher price, making you more money? OR do you want them sold right off?

We have noticed that most NEW CONSIGNORS overprice their items the first time and then, after shopping at the sale, and seeing how similar items are priced, and then receiving multiple items back at the end of the sale, they price their items more competitively for future sales.  If you would like to be more competitive from the get-go, and have pricing questions about specific items, just email us at

Now, you are sitting in front of a pile of gently used/barely worn/like new clothing and shoes, and puzzles and toys, furniture, games, etc. and you are wondering what to do now?  Here is what I do with my own items:

3.  I tackle clothing first . . . . I wash and iron and put clothing items into size piles, so that I can easily make an "outfit" of shirts and pants/skirts/etc. if I want.  Dresses and outfits that were purchased together are easiest to throw on a hanger and put a price on it, but you may sell two pairs of pants for one price or a shirt and skirt and cardigan. Just make sure the items would all be worn on the same age child.  If a pair of pjs says "size 6" but you know they shrunk, and are more for a 4 year old, just put "size 4" on them.  

You may place a few items on one hanger---ex. put the hanger like a question mark in front of you and button the shirt on, then turn the hanger around and pin the pants on the back. OR you may tape together a hanger or two with clear packing tape and sell those items as a "set"

Put items together till they would be at LEAST $3.  

We limit clothing items up 15 items per size per gender through 3T.  A set of three shirts that you are selling for $4 would be counted as ONE ITEM.  Amounts are limited for the following sizes: 0-3 m, 3m, 3-6m, 6m, 6-9m, 9m, 9-12m, 12m, 12-18m, 18m, 18-24m, 24m, 2T, and 3.  

Maternity wear is limited to 5 of your best items.

Shoes are limited to 10 shoes total per consignor.  For shoes, if you are unable to zip-tie or safety pin two shoes together you may then put them in a zip-lock bag.  We do accept sports shoes and dancing shoes.

Once I get all my sets on hangers and then pinned together I decide how to price them.  We generally say about 1/3 of the original price for clothing and shoes, but take into account that we get LOTS of certain things: jeans and khaki shorts at the spring sale for example, so you may wish to be more competitive on your pricing with these types of items.  

I then type all my shoes and clothing items into the computer system, print the tags, then pin them on each item FIRMLY.  Since we are no longer removing tags, we suggest taping over the pin too :)

4.  After clothing and shoes I then begin the same type of process for games/puzzles/equipment/toys/bedding/etc.

I make sure all games and puzzles have all their pieces.  I make sure all DVDs and CDs cases have unscratched DVDs and CDS in the cases.  I wash and fold bedding.  I clean toys and equipment with Lysol and wet cloths and toothbrushes all because I want to bless someone with my items.  I want them in tip-top condition and priced well so that they will SELL! SELL! SELL!

Yes, cleaning, and prepping, and actually putting a puzzle together to make sure all the pieces are there takes time, but your wallet will thank you after the sale!

5.  If you would like to bring in your items on the Monday evening drop-off, you MUST SIGN UP FOR AN APPOINTMENT.  To make an appointment, go to and sign into your portal (where you end up after you click "login" and then put in your username and password).  You may choose from the times for Monday that remain.  

For Tuesday's all day drop-off, you may either make an appointment, or just come on in as a walk-in.

6.  Print out the CONSIGNOR AGREEMENT which is found on our website under the "consignor" tab.  Read over the agreement and fill it out.

7.  Fill up your car with all your goodies and bring them to the Omar!! Come to the Omar (the address and map for the Omar is found on our website: either during your appointment time on Monday evening or at any time on Tuesday.

8.  You will first "check-in" with one of the CR volunteers on the side of the Omar.  You will give them your consignor agreement and they will give you your consignor passes for the Presale Bash and/or your volunteer passes for your volunteer shopping time.  If you are unable to make the Presale Bash as a consignor, you may pass along your passes to whomever you wish!  

9.  Now it is time to bring in your clothing and other items.  A CR Team Leader will assess your clothing items and shoes while you place your other items on the floor.  Once you have placed your other items on the floor, go back to your Team Leader to see what, if any clothing items and shoes she has declined.  

Clothing items are declined for the following reasons: the item(s) may have been stained, pilled, out of season (you may bring these items back in the appropriate season), worn, out of style, torn, ripped, missing zipper, missing button, dingy, etc.  

Shoes are declined for the following reasons: scuffed, worn out of season (you may bring these items back in the appropriate season), worn, out of style, torn, ripped, dingy, etc.

After you have gathered any items that were declined and your passes you are done with drop-off!

10.  Come shop at the Presale Bash during your designated time (see sale schedule on the website) and during the super special 50% off Presale Bash on Friday evening (see sale schedule on the website).

11.   Watch which items sell when we upload at the system at the end of every night :)  It is EXCITING!!!!

12.  If you are donating ALL your items that are leftover, you can just wait for your check! :)  If you choose to pick up your items that are left at the end of the sale, you will need to come back to the Omar on Sunday between 1-4pm.  All items left at the end of the sale WILL go to the charities.  

We will be posting more answers to consignor questions periodically prior to the sale, so check back with us!  AND if you have ANY question, just email us: :)

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