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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Consignor Letter: Spring 2013

Hey Cute Consignors!!

In case you didn't know it, it is RAINING outside today!!  It is a perfect day to turn on the tunes and finish or continue or begin your tagging for Charleston Repeats! =)

This email is for old pros as well as newby consignors with CR.

Important information:

1.  We are FULL of consignors--to the top! We are not holding on to a waiting list.  You made it in!! Yay you!

2.  Drop-off days are: Monday, March 11 from 5-8 by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  And Tuesday, March 12 from 9-7 by WALK-IN or by appointment.  Drop-off your items at the Omar Convention Center, 176 Patriot's Point Road, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.

3.  Online tagging ends MARCH 12 at 7AM SHARP!!  You will still be able to print your tags after this point, but you will not be able to enter or alter any items.  Sooooo what you should do is ENTER YOUR ITEMS first and then, if you need to be doing things on Tuesday, March 12 before you drop-off, you can be ironing, pinning, and affixing tags at that point.

4.  We ONLY ACCEPT BARCODED TAGS, so make sure all your items are entered on the system prior to March 12th at 7AM.

5.  We ONLY ACCEPT TAGS WITHOUT HAND-ALTERING MARKS.  What does this mean?  Say you have printed off your tags and on the way to the Omar you decide you want to sell your pack-in-play for $32 instead of $35, so you scratch through the $35 with a pen and write $32.  The barcode will still ONLY READ $35.  The shopper will be frustrated when we have to tell them it is really $35 and you may loose out on a sale, so make sure the tag on each item has NO handwritten changes on it :)

6.  We ONLY ACCEPT DROP-OFF on the aforementioned days and times :)

7. Presale Bash for cosignors and a guest:  Wednesday, March 13th from 4-10.  See for the full schedule.

8.  We are expecting FLOCKS and HERDS and SWARMS of shoppers this season!!!!  Why? We filled up with consignors a month early.  We are almost full of volunteers.  Word is getting our because we are advertising more and YOU are advertising by word of mouth more and more and that is THE BEST ADVERTISING OF ALL!!! Sooooooo tag those items like you mean it!!  


ONLY use CARDSTOCK because it is stearier and holds up better to THOUSANDS of shoppers then flimsy paper.

TAPE your tags on WELL.

PIN your tags on WELL.

Just think through the fact that THOUSANDS of shoppers are going to be flipping through the racks and sorting through bags of Polly Pockets.  If your toy has lots of pieces, put the pieces in a gallon zip-lock bag, tape the bag shut, zip tie the bag to the toy and tape the tag securily to the toy.  Some consignors even take a picture of the completed toy and affix it to the toy.  For the whole she-bang on how to package your items go to our website and click on "Merchandise Prep."

9.  For Newbys especially:  You want to be competitive on your pricing?  You want to have suggestions on what to bring? and More????????  See the blog "Consignor 101" on our website or just go to this link:

10.  We ONLY ACCEPT ITEMS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN RECALLED.  Please visit cpsc.govfor recalled item list OR visit the new handy-dandy app on our Facebook Timeline for recalled items. It is SUPER-DEE-DUPER-DEE easy to use!

11.  Need to know if an item is accepted or not-accepted at CR?


*  fill up your car with your goodies and 

* your consignor agreement form: (On our website, click "consigor" tab and then "consignor agreement")

* you will check-in, give the CR volunteer your agreement and they will give you your consignor passes AND any volunteer pass that you've got coming to ya! ;) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU if you are volunteering!!!

* if you are unable to shop during the Presale Bash, you may give your passes to whomever you wish!!!

* A TEAM LEADER for CR will go through your clothing items and shoes while you put all your other items on the floor.  Once you have placed your other items on the floor, go back to your Team Leader to see what, if any clothing items and shoes she has declined.

Clothing items are declined for the following reasons: the item(s) may have been stained, pilled, out-of-season (you may bring these items back during the appropriate season), worn, out-of-style, torn, ripped, missing zipper, missing button, dingy, etc.

Shoes are declined for the following reasons: scuffed, worn, out-of-season (you may bring these items back in the appropriate season), worn, out-of-style, torn, ripped, dingy. etc.

* after you have gathered any items that were declined and your passes, you are done with drop-off!!

* please note that the lighting at the Omar is STRONG and we end up seeing stains there that we know you were probably not able to see with your lighting at home.  We will decline items with noticeable stains as our shoppers do would see them too.  

13.  Come to the Presale Bash: March 13 from 4-10 for cosignors.

14.  Come to the 50% off Presale Bash for consignors:  Friday, March 15th from 6-9pm  ALL ITEMS that do NOT have "ND" under the price will be 50% off this day!!!

15.  At the end of every sale day we "upload" the computers and you will be able to see which of your items "sold" that day! It is EXCITING!!!

16.  If you are picking up items after the sale, come to the Omar on March 17 from 1PM SHARP to 4PM SHARP.  Any and all items left at the Omar after 4pm are donated to our charities: Salvation Army, Journey House, Lowcountry Orphan Relief, and Lowcountry Pregnancy Center.

Have specific questions that are not addressed on our website:  Email us at

Cheers and Happy Tagging!

CR Gals

PS.   CR is EXTREMELY SOCIAL.  Find us on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook :)


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