Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Reuse, Recycle, Reride, Regive, Repeat!

images-8I keep hearing the same verbage everywhere I go, "times are tough, man," "how's business going," "yeah, we are having to cut back," and more of the same. Times are tough right now. Businesses are closing. People are losing their jobs. We are all having to cut back on the more frivolous expenditures and re-evaluate our budgets and what we want versus what we need. Putting on the brakes can be hard, but I believe that the downturn in the economy has the possibility of creating positive changes. Case in point: recycling. Through the years, I have come to realize that many of my friends know how to recycle plastics and aluminum, but do not know what to do with their children's outgrown items. Hosting garage sales, selling to consignment stores, and giving them to other moms have been the most utilized ways of disposing of their things, but none of those ways have produced sufficient funds for my friends.  My friends also want to buy quality products for their children but often complain about spending too much time in the car frequenting second-hand stores and department store sales.  Most of the time, they spend lots of money on clothing or items that will barely be worn or played with before their children outgrow them. Becoming tired of the cycle, I looked for a consignment sale that would provide me with money for my goods and save money for my new purchases.

It has been a blessing to me for the past seven years to be a part of a consignment sale that I could sell my children's toys, games, clothes, shoes, furniture, and the like to other mothers that I know will use them and enjoy them. It has also been a blessing to me to make money from my children's items that I have sold.  Since I also buy all of my children's items used I essentially never "buy" goods for my children.   I earn enough selling their used merchandise to buy more. At the last sale, I actually made more than I bought!  It may take a little effort to get all of my children's items together, but when I receive my check two weeks after the sale, it is worth it.

We all need to remember that recycling is not only for milk jugs, tin cans, and newspapers, that can be recycled into new materials,  but also for children's clothing, shoes, toys, furniture, etc. that can be regifted to a new owner.  Recycling barely worn children's clothing and gently used children's items is not only a gift to other mothers but also to the planet. By reusing these goods you will be helping to save the earth's valuable resources and the expenditure of labor that it takes to produce new products.  By "repeating" your resources with other mothers you will be helping the planet to be a greener place while also helping other parents to save the green in their wallets as well as in your own.   By recycling your children's goods and buying from other Lowcountry parents you will also be contributing to the local economy.  Charleston Repeats provides a great opportunity to help on so many levels!

I am so glad that all of us who have children have the opportunity to share our children's gently worn clothing used items with each other through Charleston Repeats! With Charleston Repeats, you can rest assured that your children's items will be reused, replayed with, reridden, and remembered by other mothers who want them.  Other moms will handpick your items for their own little ones.  Your efforts of pricing and tagging your goodies will be rewarded with cash in your wallet.  When you shop the sale, you will be saving money too on great items for your tot to teen.  Volunteering will awards you with priority shopping, plus you get to meet new friends and feel a sense of ownership in the Sale.  Being a Vendor or Sponsor or Palmetto Pack Provider will introduce your business to the parent community or further solidify your place in the community.  Remember, it takes all of us working together: consignors, shoppers, volunteers, sponsors and vendors to create a better sale for you and for other mothers in the Lowcountry!  Also remember that it takes all of us working together to give back to the community, and the planet.  Recycle your children's items and regift to another mother as well as to mother earth.  Go green.  Get more green.  Save more green with Charleston Repeats!

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