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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Room by Room: Getting Ready for the Spring Sale :)

Here is a simple list of some items that could be sold at the upcoming sale in the spring and summer--all organized room by room to spark your creativity!!!!

Foyer coat closet: umbrella, raincoat, sun hat, crocs, sandals, diaper bag, baby carrier (like baby bjorn), nursing cover-up

Den: DVDs (no R-rated though),Image CDs, playstation 1, 2, or 3, and appropriate games that are not rated "mature", wii and appropriate games, exersaucer, bouncy seat, bean bag chairs, baby gate

Kitchen: children's cups, bowls, plates and utensils, children's placemats, bottles (without nipples), high chairs, tiny table and chairs, bottle warmer, baby food processor, bumpo seat, bibs, booster seat

Bathroom: potty, step stool, infant or children's towels, bath toys, baby bathtub, bathroom accessories

Baby's bedroom: crib, bumper pad, sheets, rocking chair, changing table, curtains, sheets, diaper genie, trash can, night light, light switch cover, lamps, pack-n-play, toys, mobile, safety equipment, bed rails, toddler bed and sheets, mattress protector, vaporizer

Child's bedroom: sheets and duvet covers, curtains, area rug, lamps, hamper, doll house, books, all sorts of toys, clothes-dresses, pants, shorts, shirts, light summer type sweaters, sandals, tennis shoes, uniforms, pajamas, decorations, accessories

Teen bedroom:  DVD player, DVDs (no "R" rated), CD player, CDs (no "mature"), phone, playstation 1,2,3 and appropriate games (no "mature" games) wall art, mirror, clothes--dresses, pants, shorts, shirts, shoes, sandals

Study: books for children and teens, books on parenting, books for homeschooling, arts and crafts, board games, puzzles, globe, flash cards, calculator

Garage/outside: trike, bike, umbrella stroller, regular stroller, jogging stroller, soccer ball, soccer goal, football, kiddie pool, sandbox, sprinkler, bathing suits, outdoor toys, roller skates, cleats, sporting equipment, scooter

Remember, these are just some brainstorming ideas that I came up with.  As long as your items are for infants to teens and are in great condition (ask yourself~~"would I buy this?") and as long as it has not been recalled (please see for all recalled items) and it is not included on our "not accepted" list then another mom will probably purchase it.  Once you start going around your house and seeing the dollar signs flash before your eyes it is amazing what you will find!  Have fun baggin' and taggin'!

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