Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Advice from a Professional CR Consignor :)

IMG_1210 We interviewed some of our best consignors recently and asked them some questions and they responded with tidbits that you may find helpful as well. What do we mean by "best"? There items are rarely turned away by us do to staining/pilling/out of season, they properly tag and prepare their items, they bring their items on time and pick them up on time, and they consistently sell most if not all their items!! These gals know how to price to sell! Thanks to each and every consignor who took the time to answer these questions :)

When starting... I try to put all like items together such as shoes, books, toys, big ticket items, boys /girls clothes by size and brand. It makes it easier when entering to keep like brands and sizes together. I first ck for stains and then put the clothes on hangers and then sort by size , making stacks of clothes for easier entering.

For pricing I have several things to think of...what does this item cost if I were buying it new? What would I be willing to pay for it in used condition? Price it 1/2 or a little less than you would expect to pay new. If in doubt look online at new prices/ Amazon prices....but remember ultimately how badly do you want your item to sell? do you care if they get donated? Price accordingly! I always get safety pins, (Med size) don't pain yourself with tiny ones, white card stock, ink for printer and hangers well in advance of the sale. It will save you time in the long run. (Especially at midnight when your tagging and the computer is out of ink) I also make sure to get kids pant hangers as well.....pants that are folded or pinned onto hangers are hard to see and they tend to slide around on the hangers bunch up and the pins come out easily. I save hangers all year when I purchase items...just for the sake.

When deciding what to bring- I always check the item over for stains, holes etc....if you can see a stain ...don't send it. It will most likely get rejected. Speaking from experience...don't wait until the last minute to start tagging . Lol ( my biggest problem).

Try to beg your husbands to help pin tags on . I won't ever succeed with that one.

I also print the tags and cut tags and lay in order by number and lay on stack of clothes....they are in order...just like your stack of pinning on, and finding the item is much easier. Hope this helps ladies!!

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