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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Tips and Tidbits from a CR Professional Consignor

We interviewed some of our best consignors recently and asked them some questions and they responded with tidbits that you may find helpful as well. What do we mean by "best"? There items are rarely turned away by us do to staining/pilling/out of season, they properly tag and prepare their items, they bring their items on time and pick them up on time, and they consistently sell most if not all their items!! These gals know how to price to sell! Thanks to each and every consignor who took the time to answer these questions :) IMG_0718

1. When you go through your items, how do your organize them?

I separate things out in storage boxes. All toys in a box, all shoes, all clothes, etc. I take a box at a time and to my computer and then print and tag. I put that box in garage and move on to the next. This keeps it simple and I do not get overwhelmed. This also helps if I have to stop. I then know what box I am working on. It helps in the system so I don’t have to change from Toy categories to Clothes and back and forth cause it is already separated before I start.

2. How do you determine the price for each of the items you bring?

I try to think of original price and cut it a third. I also think of what I would pay for it. You have to remember that it is a Consignment sale—don’t get attached to items and think I paid $ 45.00 for something so I want $30.00 Except that people will pay $15.00 to $20.00 and move on.

3. Any special sorting/pricing tips you have?

I have everything ready to go before I sit down to price and tag in computer—Clothes are hung on hangers, Toys are zipped locked and parts are put together with the right toys, shoes are pinned together. If I am not sure of price I google it so I know original price.

4. How do you determine when NOT to bring an item to CR?

Would I buy it in the condition it is in???? Does it look worn out or washed a million times?

5. Anything additional?

Start early so you are not rushed. You would be surprised at the stuff people will buy. Don’t second guess if something will sell—it will if it is in good condition.


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