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Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

A CR Consignor Provides Tips on Consigning

We interviewed some of our best consignors recently and asked them some questions and they responded with tidbits that you may find helpful as well. What do we mean by "best"? There items are rarely turned away by us do to staining/pilling/out of season, they properly tag and prepare their items, they bring their items on time and pick them up ontime, and they consistently sell most if not all their items!! These gals know how to price to sell! Thanks to each and every consignor who took the time to answer these questions :) As the kids outgrow an item, I launder it, go ahead and hang it on a wire hanger and pin the pants (if there are any) to it. I hang them in the back of the kids closets. I used to just throw them in a box or tupperware and wait until right before the sale to launder, iron, hang, and pin and it took FOREVER!! This is so much easier!

When determining the price I always ask myself, "would I pay this amount for this item/outfit?" I would say that I probably underprice a lot of my stuff but I would rather only have to bring home a couple pieces than a lot and have to store it until the next year and it is taking up valuable storage space in the closets.

Again, I ask myself if I would buy my stuff in the condition it is in. I pride myself on the condition of my items and make sure there are no stains, rips, beady balls, etc. I always hang dry all my kids clothes so that they look nicer to sell.

It can be very overwhelming and at times you may ask yourself if it is worth it but it always is. When I see the closets cleaned out and then I receive my check a few weeks later it is so worth it. The first few sales I waited until a couple days before and literally worked day and night getting my stuff done. That was exhausting. Now, I do it as they outgrow it or don't like it anymore and it makes it so much easier.

Hope this helps :)

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