Charleston Repeats

Fall/Winter Sale: November 30-December 2 Omar Convention Center


New This Season(& not-so new!)

Each season we attempt to tweak the sale to make it a better experience for everyone. Some things work, and others don't!  Last season,  the big change was adding the ability to pick up your check on Sunday (Pick Up Day!).  That went really well and we will continue to do that!  BRAND NEW for the spring sale items are in italics:

  • Express Check-In.  New and improved Drop-Off System to speed up the process (like we did for the past two seasons!).   We will have an Express line for those consignors bringing fewer than 35 clothing items.  
  • Check-In Appointments for those with over 250 in clothing items.  For those consignors bringing more than 250 clothing items,  you may sign up for a check in time once you register or you can just come as a "walk-in."   You can find the tab for the check-in times from within your  portal when you login.  It is not mandatory to have a check-in time. 
  • Offensive Materials will not be accepted.   While "offensive" is subjective, please do not bring any items that have vulgarity or obscene materials on them.  We will pull them from the floor.  Further, any items that smell of smoke or mildew will be pulled and returned to the consignor.
  • Limitation on Shoes.  The number of shoes you can bring have been limited to FIVE( 5).  We have been overwhelmed with the number of shoes in the shoe section every season.  And, unfortunately, we are never pleased with the quality of many of the shoes.  Therefore, this season we are limiting shoes to your BEST five (5) pairs of shoes (this is not 5 per gender, this is 5 total).  
  • We will continue to limit the number of items you can bring for Premie - 3T.  You may consign only 15 items of the same size for each gender for sizes Premie through 3T - Bring your best! If you pair items together, they must be of comparable size (do NOT put a 2T shirt and a 6m pair of pants together!)   The 15 item per size/per gender limit we implement for Premie-3T sizes does not include swimsuits in the spring nor jackets/coats, or costumes in the fall. 
  • Consignor Fee has been increased to $25.00 (we did this for the Spring/Summer 2017 season as well), but we also offer better incentives for volunteering!  Check out the Volunteer page on how to earn back the majority of your consignor fee!  Why have we increased the consignor fee?  The consignor fee has remained the same for 9 years now, while the costs of hosting the sale has increased in all aspects : rental fee for building, tables, software, advertising, etc. 
  • Unaccepted Items  (see list on website), such as stuffed animals and VHS tapes, will automatically go to the "donate"  bin and will not be returned to you after the sale.  
  • 16 hour volunteer opportunities. These opportunities are LIMITED so you MUST contact us for these spots!  Priority is given to previous 16 hour volunteers.  
  • $35.00 minimum of items to consign ~ there is no minimum on the number of items to consign, but you must consign at least a total of $35.00 of items to receive your Presale  Bash passes. 
  • NO CHILDREN UNDER 12 AT THE PRESALE BASH - children are allowed on all public sale days, but not at the Presale Bash unless they are a baby in a chest carrier. 
  • NO STROLLERS/WAGONS at the Presale Bash.  

The registration deadline for Consignors is november 24TH at 11 p.m. (or sooner is all spots fill up!). This deadline is firm! Don't miss out on the fun, register now!!

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