Charleston Repeats

Fall & Winter Sale: November 8-10 Omar Convention Center

As a Consignor, what percentage do I make on consigned items?

You receive 65% of the purchase price of each item sold.

Are there any fees involved to Consign?

Yes. There is a $25 registration fee. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and is made via PayPal. This fee must be paid before you can consign each season. Registration fees help pay for the hall, police, advertising, tables, etc.

Do I have to volunteer?

Absolutely not! You can drop off items and then wait for your check! However, to receive the BEST shopping opportunities at the Sale, it is best to volunteer.  Volunteers who volunteer 8 hours and more and also consign, recoup part of their consignor fee. Volunteers also get to shop before consignors.  See the volunteer section to learn more about benefits of volunteering.

What may I consign? 

If you child has used it, worn it, read it, played with it, or even wanted it, you can consign it!  Check out the list of all acceptable and non-acceptable items. 

Do I supply my own hangers?

Yes. You must supply your own hangers (wire is preferred because it takes up less rack space) and safety pins for tagging. These items are relatively inexpensive at any hardware store, Walmart, Target, discount store or drycleaning establishment. All clothing items are sold on the hanger. Your unsold items will be returned to you on the hangers.   When you purchase clothing items at the sale, you will garner more hangers.

How do I price my items? 

You pick the price that you think is appropriate. A basic rule of thumb is to price the item for approximately 25-40% of its purchase price. Consider its condition and ask yourself , “Would I pay ___ for this item?” Items with tags attached and boutique brands go for slightly more.  (See our Pricing Guide for additional help).   

What forms of payment will you take at the sale? 

We will accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We will not accept any personal checks. 

How do I get paid for my consigned items? 

Checks are available on the Sunday of pick-up at the Omar Convention Center from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Of course you may pick up your check on Sunday even if you choose to donate all your items! :)   It is not mandatory that you pick up your check.  If checks are not picked up, they will be mailed within two (2) weeks after the sale.  Make sure that the address you register with is the same address that you want your check to go to.     

Explain the Drop Off and Pick Up procedure?

In a nutshell, drop off your items during the drop off days/hours as shown on the Sale Schedule. Charleston Repeats has a streamlined process. Upon arrival, go to the check-in table usually located outside the side door of the Omar (in nice weather).  We will ask you for your consignor agreement (we will have copies at the sale), and hand you your consignor wristbands for the Presale bash.  If you are also a volunteer, you will receive your volunteer wristband at this time as well.  You will be directed to the check-in stations where all items will be inspected. We have 3 Drop-off stations: 1) Clothing, 2) Large Item Drop-off (for large items like furniture, train tables, high chairs, etc), and 3) all other items (toys, games, books, etc). You should first get in line for the clothing inspection. While your clothing is being inspected, you can hit the other two drop-off stations. After you have done this, return to the clothing check-in station where you first began, in order to pick up any clothing items that may not have been accepted. If you are unable to drop off the items yourself, please make sure that you have someone bring in the signed Charleston Repeats Consignor Agreement along with your items to the Omar.  To pick up your non-purchased items, please check the Sale Schedule for pick up times. If your items are not picked up during these hours, they will be donated to one of the Charleston Charities.   

Who gets my donated items? 

Charleston Repeats has several special charities that will receive the donated items. See our Charleston Charities tab to check them out. We are so proud to be a part of the services they offer to the Charleston area! 

Can I look around to see what you have during the drop-off process?

No. The shopping floor is only accessible to volunteers and CR Staff during the drop-off hours.



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