Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

What forms of payment will you take at the sale? 

We will accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We will not accept any personal checks. 

How often do you have these sales? 

There are 2 sales per year. The Spring Sale is in March and the Fall Sale is in September. 

Why would I want to shop at Charleston Repeats? 

Where else are you going to have so much under one roof! You will be able to choose from hundreds of gently used items that are at incredible deals for your children. 

Is there an admission fee?

No. There is no fee to shop nor are there any parking fees! 

How do I get a Presale Bash Pass?

Presale Passes are only needed for the Wednesday Presale Bash.  For the Presale Bash, you must be a Volunteer, First Time Mom/Grandmother or Consignor to receive a Presale Pass. This Pass is only for YOU. However, Consignors and First Time  Mom/Grandmoms will receive an additional guest pass for the Presale Bash.  For Thursday-Saturday shopping days and times no passes are required at all--just walk on in like you would to a regular store :)

Are children allowed at the Sale? 

We have had to change our policy on bringing children to the Sale. Children ARE allowed on the Public Sale days as well as 50% off day on Friday evening ONLY.  At the Presale Bash on Wednesday of the sale, children under 12 are NOT allowed. Only babies in chest-carriers and children over the age of 12 are allowed at the Presale Bash. STROLLERS AND WAGONS ARE NOT ALLOWED during the Presale Bash due to the high volume of traffic. You may bring a "beach type stroller" as we do not sell beach strollers.  On public sale days, we also suggest for your shopping pleasure that you do not bring children, but if you do bring your children, please keep them with you at all times to prevent damage to items. You are allowed to bring a stroller on the general public shopping days/times. 

Do you have shopping carts to help me carry my items?

Charleston Repeats does not supply shopping carts. We suggest that you bring a laundry basket with a long rope or belt attached to it so you can pull it behind you. This allows your hands to be free to grab those great items! 

Do you accept returns?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL... PLEASE INSPECT YOUR ITEMS THOROUGHLY BEFORE PURCHASING!  THEREFORE:  Simply ask a volunteer in a Charleston Repeats' apron for assistance in inspecting items in bags.


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