Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

The Paycheck

This season we are going to continue to have checks ready at pick up on Sunday!    If you donate you items (which we would LOVE) you may still pick-up your check on Sunday.  If you are coming to pick-up your items that did not sell, then you can also get your check at the same time.  The catch, however, is that your check is FINAL on Sunday.  If you have any item that you need us to research to see if got misplaced, etc., then you will have to wait for your check to be issued after we have researched that item.  Checks not picked up on Sunday will go out in the mail via US Postal Service within two (2) weeks after the sale as ended to the address you have input under "My Account" on your login-screen. 

If you send someone to pick up either your non-donated/non-sold items and/or your check on Sunday, you MUST email us at giving letting us know that you are not picking up and that you authorize us to give items and/or check to said person.

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