Charleston Repeats

Spring/Summer Sale: March 14-16, 2019 Omar Convention Center

Drop-Off Dates and Inspection Procedure

Monday,  March 11th: 3pm -8pm


Tuesday, March 12th: 9am - 4pm 


Important steps to assist in creating an efficient drop off process:


  • Organize items prior to bringing them to the sale according to our CONSIGNOR MANUAL.

  • Group and rubber-band clothing items together by size and gender.

  • You will need time to register and to check-in through quality control on the day of drop-off.

  • Make sure you receive your Pre-sale pass and guest pass at drop-off – you must have your pass with you to enter the Pre-sale Bash.

  • We inspect all clothing, toys, furniture, and shoes as well as all merchandise on the floor prior to the sale and during the sale. We reserve the right to pull any unsafe or unacceptable item off the sale's floor. Each pulled item will be returned to each consignor during pick-up day if it is designated "no donate" AND if it is NOT on the list of UNACCEPTED ITEMS. If items are found to be part of our "unacceptable item list," such as window treatments, bedding that is larger than size twin, stuffed animals, maternity books, car seats, breast pumps, etc. those items will NOT be put in consignor piles at the end of the sale, but immediately donated.

  • There are 3, well-marked Drop-Off Stations (1) clothing, (2) large items (i.e. furniture), and (3) all other items. You will need to drop of your items at the appropriate station.

  • Items will ONLY be accepted on the above referenced Drop-Off Dates & Times.

  • During drop-off, no special exceptions are made for those with children, timing issues, or work-related issues. Our drop-off times should accommodate everyone. We will make all efforts to get you in and out as quickly as possible - this includes having an express line for those with fewer than 35 clothing items and check-in times allotted for those with more than 200 clothing items (not required to have a check-in time).

  • If you are bringing more than 200 clothing items, you can (not mandatory) sign up for a check-in time. There are a limited number of check-in times available on the website after you Login to your portal. You should see the "Check-In" tab across the top of the page. The check-in times help everyone as the line to drop-off moves faster by taking those with more items out of the general drop-off line.

  • Due to the number of consignors we will be checking in on the check-in day, we cannot guarantee we will be able to return emails and/or check our phones. If you have a question, ask prior to drop-off or come by the Omar.

Presale Bash Party:  Now the fun begins!  Bring your BFF to the Presale Bash at your scheduled shopping time (depends on whether you are a volunteer or just a consignor). Volunteers receive one pass a piece either at drop-off (during consignor drop-off times) or at the door prior to your volunteer shopping times.  Consignors have two wristbands that you received at drop-off for you and your guest.  You may give your passes to whomever you wish if you are unable to attend the Presale Bash.

Tracking your Sales:  Sale reports are uploaded online each evening of the sale so sellers can view what items sold that day.  Just keep checking the system periodically to see what you have sold for the day!

Spreading the Word:  You only make money if shoppers shop!  Tell your friends about the sale ~ telling a few people that spread the word will put money in your pocket!

50% Off Night:  Friday evening is the 50% Off event.  This event is only open to volunteers, consignors, registered First Time Moms/Grandmoms, and Facebook/Instagram friends who know the "secret words" (FB secret words for this night will be posted on the wall of our FB page the week of the sale and sometimes prior to the week of the sale). If items are not marked "ND," they will be sold at 50% off!   Items that have "ND" under the price, are still for sale, they are just "Not Discounted."  Shopping begins at 2pm for 24 and 16 hour volunteers. Shopping starts at 4pm for 12, 8, and 4 hour volunteers and 5pm for Consignors. First Time Moms/Grandmoms and Facebook/Instagram friends who write down the "secret words" posted on the Charleston Repeats' Facebook and/or Instagram page, enter the hall at 6:00 pm. 

Sunday Pick Up:   Sunday, March 17th from  1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

Unless you graciously donate your unsold items to one of our Charleston Charities, all items remaining after 4:00 pm on Pick Up Day will be donated. If you are unable to pick up your unsold items, please make arrangements with someone to pick up these items on your behalf.

Due to the number of consignors, we will be unable to accept phone calls or check emails during the pick up hours noted above. 

We have a very specific check-out process. You will be instructed to follow a volunteer through each check-out step. It is the CONSIGNOR'S responsibility to check all designated areas of the convention hall, the lost tag section, and his or her pile of items to make sure he or she has picked up everything.  It everything goes as planned, we will have your pile of unsold items ready for you to pick up.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances, if we are unable to have your items together as planned, we will notify you in advance.  We reserve the right to modify the breakdown procedure based on the amount of unsold items and the lack of volunteers available to assist. 

Check the entire floor before exiting. If you have any check-out questions, please let us know as soon as possible and prior to checks being disbursed.  

Seller Payout:  Checks will now be available on Sunday at PICK UP!!!  You may have someone else pick up your check but you must email us and let us know that. You must tell us the name of the person authorized to pick up your check. If you do not pick up your check, then we will mail it to you!  Of course, you may pick up your check even if you have donated your items.  If not picked up, it will go out via the US Postal Service within two weeks after the sale's completion--See THE PAYCHECK under the consignor button.


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