Charleston Repeats

Friday September 13th ~ 9am-9pm
Saturday September 14th ~ 9am-5pm
Sunday September 15th ~ 12pm-5pm

Omar Convention Center

Items Accepted by Charleston Repeats:

  • Childrens clothing sizes newborn to 18. We only accept true Junior clothing you would find in a store like Gap Kids or Vineyard Vines up to size 18. If you have a Gap Kid size “Medium” dress for example, fit it in the numerical size it would fall in. While we accept all seasons, winter clothes do not sell well during our March events. Please save your winter wear for the September event.

  • Children’s Shoes (5 pair per Consignor) up to adult size 8. DO NOT BAG SHOES IF POSSIBLE! We recommend zip-ties through holes in the shoes or safety pins through laces. Shoes used for sports or dancing do not count toward the 5 item limit. Volunteers are exempt from limits.

  • Dance-wear, school uniforms, scout uniforms

  • Swimwear~~swimwear is NOT included in the size limitations per size/gender for Premie-2T

  • Halloween Costumes~~costumes are NOT included in the size limitations per size/gender for Premie-2T

  • Jackets and Coats~~jackets and coats are NOT included in the size limitations per size/gender for Premie-3T

  • Pretend play, dress-up clothes and dolls

  • Underwear – new in package only

  • Sports' equipment

  • Toys for infants to teens--ALL PIECES/PARTS MUST BE INCLUDED

  • Riding toys, bicycles, scooters, little tyke cars

  • Puzzles, books, games, home school material

  • Infant Accessories – Diaper bags, blankets, potty chairs, bath seats and tubs, bottles (new in package or without nipples), pacifiers (new in package only).

  • Baby and children’s furniture - gliders, cribs (that are not drop-side cribs), changing tables, bassinets, mattresses, toddler beds, tables/chairs, etc.

  • Baby equipment - high-chairs, exer-saucers, pack-n-plays, strollers, swings, baby gates, etc.

  • Maternity Clothing (15pcs per seller), and pregnancy accesories

  • Infant/child themed bedding, sleeping bags, picture frames, wall art, mobiles, rugs, lamps, laundry hampers, etc.

  • Outdoor play equipment

  • Children’s luggage, backpacks, lunch boxes

  • Children’s dinnerware sets, utensils, bibs, etc.

  • Bed rails and safety items

  • Video game systems, accessories, games, etc.

  • Basically, anything that you can purchase at a children’s store (like ToysRUs or a baby store) or at a children’s clothing store.

Items NOT Accepted by Charleston Repeats:

  • NO PRICE-CHANGES ON THE TAGS! You cannot mark through prices on the tag or otherwise alter the tag! We may remove it from the floor if the tag has been tampered. We have no way to know if you changed the tag, or if it was fraudulently changed on the sales' floor.

  • Kitchen appliances such as waffle-makers, blenders, juicers, etc. or other kitchen utensils and tableware.

  • Curtains

  • Clothing that is not truly for infants to teens up to size 18

  • Sweat shirts or sweat pants will not be accepted, unless they are in EXCELLENT condition, are a quality name brand, and are in top-quality condition.

  • Clothing/shoes out-of-date or out-of-season – remember, Charleston Repeaters expect the best in fashion and quality!

  • Clothing with stains, holes, missing buttons or broken zippers

  • Jewelry of any kind

  • Video games marked "M" for Mature

  • CDs & DVDs

  • Drinkware or dinnerware geared toward adults more so than children such as Tervis Tumblers for Citadel, etc.

  • Toys, equipment or furniture with missing or non-functioning parts

  • Items that require batteries, unless batteries are included AND the item works

  • Ride-on toys with batteries such as tiny cars or scooters that require batteries, unless batteries are included AND the item works

  • Tee-shirts, unless popular brands and in excellent condition

  • Stuffed animals.

  • Items recalled by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (check out


  • Formula or baby food

  • Animal cages , animal food, or tanks, pet leashes, etc.



  • Decorations that an adult would use

  • Any items that have vulgarity or obscene materials on them.

  • Any items that smell of smoke or mildew.

Recalled items:

To determine if any of your items have been recalled, please click here. 

**Please note that in an interest to provide only the best in merchandise to Lowcountry parents, Charleston Repeats reserves and maintains the right to reject any item failing to meet the requirements set forth above, and to remove it from the sales floor.**

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