Charleston Repeats

Friday March 20th ~ 9am-9pm
Saturday March 21st ~ 9am-4pm
Sunday March 22nd ~ 12pm-4pm

Omar Convention Center

New This Season(& not-so new!)

Each season we make little changes the sale to make it better. Items that are BRAND NEW for the Spring sale are in italics:

  • SCHEDULE CHANGES …Please check the schedule for your shopping times!

  • We have updated the SIZES we accept. Starting this season we will accept up through juniors. If you have specific questions regarding sizing, email us at

  • Limitation on Shoes. The number of shoes you can bring is limited to TEN . Volunteers are exempt from item limits.

  • We no longer limit the number of items you can bring per size for Preemie - 2T.


    Tags do not have donate info…

    Starting Fall 2019, any unsold items with tags printed on white cardstock will be donated, and all items with tags printed on color cardstock will be sorted for pickup. Sellers may use any color, but please stick to pastels or brights so they are easy to read.

    Tags will have a slightly different layout, 8 per page.

  • Drop-off and pick-up will be faster and easier than ever! We are streamlining the process to get you on your way!

  • We will have events offering FREE supplies for sellers! Check the schedule to come by and grab some hangers and cardstock. We are happy to answer questions and offer help as well :)

  • We now accept Maternity. Please bring only current styles, limited to 15pcs. per seller.

  • In light of the high percentage of people that sign up to volunteer and then don't show up, we are implementing a rule that you cannot consign in the future if you sign up to volunteer and then don't show up. Volunteers are the life-line of this Sale - not showing up hinders the management of the Sale which ultimately hurts the consignor.

  • NO CHILDREN UNDER 12 AT THE PRESALE BASH - children are allowed on all public sale days, but not at the Presale Bash unless they are a baby in a chest carrier. You cannot bring a stroller or a wagon to the Presale Bash - no exceptions - but they are allowed on the public shopping days.

The registration deadline for Consignors is SEPTEMBER 8th at 11:59 p.m. (or sooner WHEN all spots fill up!). Don't miss out on the fun, register EARLY!!

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