Charleston Repeats

Friday March 20th ~ 9am-9pm
Saturday March 21st ~ 9am-4pm
Sunday March 22nd ~ 12pm-4pm

Omar Convention Center

When you register with Charleston Repeats, you will be prompted to sign the below agreement electronically. 

**Please note that despite our hardest efforts, we cannot guarantee that your items will not be stolen or damaged.  We go through great efforts to eliminate this possibility, but it does sometimes happen unfortunately.** 

Consignor Agreement –Fall 2019

By registering with our sale and entering items into the system, you must agree to and accept the terms of the below Consignor Agreement.  If you have any issues with the Agreement, please contact us before signing it. 

·          I acknowledge that all items must be clean and in working condition, including the replacement of all batteries.  Any items smelling of smoke or other odors will be rejected at check-in or pulled from the floor. 

·          I agree that Repeats LLC (Charleston Repeats) is authorized to sell all items I drop off at the event.  Charleston Repeats reserves the right to reject or pull from the sales floor any item failing to meet its standards or which is deemed inappropriate by the staff of CR, including anything that is not child-related;

·          I understand that I will earn 65% of my total sales; CR shall earn 35% of my total sales.  I will receive payment within two (2) weeks after the sale;

·          I acknowledges that CR will not honor handwritten changes on tags.  All items will be sold for the original value marked on the tags.  If the original value is unable to be determined by a visual inspection of the tag, CR reserves the right to pull the item from the sales floor;

·          I acknowledge that all paid registration fees are nonrefundable;

·          I warrant that I am the owner of the items to be sold and I have authority to sell said items; that each item is in good operating condition, normal wear and tear excepted, and is not defective, broken, or damaged in any way; that any repairs made to an item have been made in accordance with the original manufacturer’s warranty program; that each item complies with applicable laws; and that no item presented for sale is the subject of any pending or threatened recall notice or other consumer protection action and that I have checked each item on the website referenced in the CR material – – to confirm that items are in compliance;

·          I acknowledge that CR will not sell items found without a tag.  An unclaimed items will be donated to a Charleston Charity;

·          Any item not picked up by 7:00p.m. on Monday September 16 shall be donated to a Charleston Charity.  CR cannot hold items beyond this date;

·          I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless CR, its owners, volunteers or participants, from and against all claims, costs and expenses resulting from any claim, demand or cause of action arising from any injury to any person or damage to property, occurring as a result of participation in the sale. 

·          I understand that CR is NOT responsible for any item lost, stolen, damaged, misplaced, or destroyed by fire, flooding, water or any other unforeseen circumstances.   CR is not responsible for items that get broken, lost or separated during the sale.   

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