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Friday March 20th ~ 9am-9pm
Saturday March 21st ~ 9am-4pm
Sunday March 22nd ~ 12pm-4pm

Omar Convention Center

Merchandise Preparation~

As you prepare your items, BE PICKY! Please make sure you examine each item as if you were a purchaser. Spending a little time getting your items ready will make a difference on your check at the end of the sale. The following guidelines will assist you in your preparation.


  • Hang garments with the hanger facing left - like a question mark. Attach all tags to the top front of the garment. If a buyer can’t find the price tag, they won’t buy it! Punch a hole in your tag, and use a zip-tie or ribbon to attach your tag through a buttonhole, belt loop, through the tag loop, etc… or use a safety pin. Please be cautious about placement of safety pins…use tags or seams to avoid making holes that can ruin your item.

  • Replace any missing buttons, zip all zippers, sew loose hems, snap snaps, tie all bows and make sure that all garments are presented at their best.

  • While we accept items for all seasons, please keep in mind that your winter coats and boots are much less likely to sell at a March event. Plan accordingly, and save your winter clothes for our September event.

  • Sizes are Preemie/0-3m/3m/3-6m/6m/6-9m/9m/9-12m/12m/12-18m/18m/18-24m/24/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/10/12/14/16/18. Put Newborn sizes with 0-3m. If you have an item that is a size not listed, then choose the best size from our list for that item. Please only bring TRUE clothing for children that would be sold in stores for children. Ex. Gap Kids or Vineyard Vines for kids.

  • Remove all stains and launder garments. An iron and a little starch can work wonders to make an item look like brand new.

  • All clothing items should be hung on plastic or wire hangers. Please use junior hangers on 0-18 month clothing. You may use adult wire hangers too if you cannot find junior sized hangers. Good places to find wire hangers: dollar store, Walmart, and from your local dry-cleaners.

  • Sizes Preemie through 2T are limited to 15pcs. per size. Pick your best. Volunteers are exempt from limits.

  • When using pins to attach pants or shorts to hangers, pin them to the top of the hanger instead of the bottom. This will help prevent the items from slipping and sliding over the hanger. Customers are MUCH more inclined to purchase items they can quickly and easily see the tag and the item than if they have to "work" to see it.

  • Group and rubber-band clothing items by size and gender for check-in.

  • If grouping multiple items to sell together, tape hangers together using clear packing tape.

  • If an item is not secure on the hanger, try attaching it to the hanger. Items do not sell if they have fallen under the racks or if they lose their tag.

  • Small accessories that go with an outfit, such as tights, belts, and hair bows, can be placed in a zip-lock bag and pinned to the back of the hanger. Make sure the tag description includes the accessory items and that your Consignor number has been placed in or taped to the accessory bag.


  • Take time to clean! It's amazing what a toothbrush can do with small crevices. All fabric parts should be freshly washed and reattached. Wipe down all surfaces. Goo Gone and Magic Erasers work well on crayon marks and scuffs.

  • Attach tag to toy with clear packing tape or place small toys in a zip-lock bag and attach the tag to the outside of the bag.

  • Games and puzzles MUST have ALL pieces and boxes should be taped closed with clear packing tape.

  • Books can be grouped together or sold separately. Place grouped books in a zip-lock bag and attach the tag to the outside of the bag with a strip of clear packing tape across the top of the tag; or secure books with rubber bands running both horizontally and vertically (+) and then tape the tag to the back of the books. Make sure tag description references the number of books included.

  • Package all toys with the knowledge that MANY shoppers will be looking through your items. Use strong, quality bags and tape. Make sure all pieces for a toy are STRONGLY attached to the toy.

  • If it needs a battery, make sure it is included.

  • Please us painter’s or masking tape to attach tags on items like books and puzzles which can be damaged by trying to remove packing tape.


  • Place loose items, such as feeding utensils, army men, or bottles in a zip-lock bag and seal the bag shut with clear packing tape. Attach the tag to the outside of the bag with clear packing tape.


  • Shoes are limited to 5 pair total/per consignor and must be in first class condition. Shoes used in sports or dance do NOT count toward the 5 item limit. We ask for your assistance in maintaining a reputation of selling high quality items. Tennis shoes only accepted if in mint condition. Volunteers are exempt from limits.

  • Infant and toddler shoes or shoes without laces that cannot be pinned at all may be be placed in zip-lock bags with tag attached to the outside of the bag. All other shoes should be pinned /tied together. Attach tag securely to the outside of the bag with a strip of clear packing tape along the top of the tag.

  • Tie shoes in pairs by shoelaces. Attach tag with a safety pin or zip-tie run through the shoelace eyes.


  • Place in a clear, bedding bag, preferably the original packaging. If this in not available, we recommend the XL and XXL sized Zip-lock bags. Attach tag using clear packing tape to the outside of bag. Tape the bag shut.

  • Please note we only accept bedding that is clearly for children.


  • Write your Consignor number on a small piece of masking tape and tape to the inside label of your clothing items or to a flat surface of every other item. For small items placed inside zip-lock bags, tape a piece of masking tape with consignor number to the inside of the bag. This is one additional way for Charleston Repeats to identify who an item belongs to in the event a tag is misplaced or lost or items are removed from bags. This is optional, of course…but if we can’t match a tag to an item it has come off of, we can’t sell it.

  • Secure and tag your items with GUSTO--LIKE YOU MEAN IT!! HUNDREDS of hands will be passing through your items. Use good quality zip-lock bags/tape/tags/safety pins/etc. to keep your items together. Placing some packing tape over the area where you punch a hole will keep the tag from ripping.

  • For items packaged in zip-lock bags, seal the bag with tape to ensure that a contents of the bag are not removed or spilled out.

  • DO NOT TAPE OVER THE BARCODE ON THE TAG - Even though the tape is clear, it interferes with the scanner. Charleston Repeats wants you to maintain the tracking capability. Simply tape the tag above the barcode.

  • Make sure your barcodes are crisp and that you can see white in between the black lines.

  • Use "normal" setting when printing your tags.

  • Use ONLY card-stock paper as thin tags rip, fall off, and get lost!

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