Charleston Repeats

Friday September 13th ~ 9am-9pm
Saturday September 14th ~ 9am-5pm
Sunday September 15th ~ 12pm-5pm

Omar Convention Center

Pricing Guidelines

Charleston Repeats would love to help you recycle your goods and make money in the process - not to bring your items back home! You set the price for each item - no haggling yard-sale scenarios. You also determine for each item whether or not it is donated during the 50% off sale and whether or not it will be donated to one of our excellent Charleston charities.  As you set your prices, remember these few important tips:

  • As a general rule, price your items at approximately 25-30% of what you originally paid. Outdoor playground equipment, little tykes, double strollers and other large items sell for up to 60% of retail. Clothes that are new with tags also sell for more.

  • Use only whole dollar increments (ie. $5.00, $6.00)

  • $3.00 minimum on all items - pair with like items or put together as a set to bring the price to this minimum

  • Remember that your shoppers are moms and grandmothers who are looking for savings on quality items!

  • Allow items that did not sell at full price to be sold at a discount the final day of the sale. For items that may have been overpriced, this provides a second chance to make a sale.

  • Price items to sell - items are not sentimental to the new owner so don't price based on your memories!

  • Make prices "pleasing" or you will be taking them back home again. No one comes to a consignment sale to buy an overpriced outfit, toy, or piece of furniture.

  • The spirit of our sale is to make you money, but not at the expense of gouging the buyer. This is meant to be a win-win for everyone and not a business for the consignor.

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