Charleston Repeats

Friday March 20th ~ 9am-9pm
Saturday March 21st ~ 9am-4pm
Sunday March 22nd ~ 12pm-4pm

Omar Convention Center

The Big Picture

  • Step 1: Make sure the dates of our sale and the drop-off dates work with your schedule.  Your $25.00 registration fee is non-refundable once paid.   As a consignor, you will earn 65% of  your total sales and Charleston Repeats will earn 35% of  your total sales.

  • Step 2: Click the REGISTER/LOGIN tab  across the top of this page.  Fill in all of the information and pay your $25.00 via PayPal. For each sale you must re-register and re-pay the registration fee. Note the registration deadline on the Sale Schedule. Once the spots are full, we cannot add additional consignors. NEW SELLERS: Please note that the tagging system will assign a 4-digit seller number when you register. This automatically assigned number will be changed by Charleston Repeats shortly after you register, and replaced by a seller number that begins with a letter. This will be your permanent seller number.

    • Once you have registered for the first time, you will click this same REGISTER/LOGIN tab every time you need to enter the website to tag items.   

    • If you are a returning consignor, please edit your personal information by clicking on "my account" at the top of your portal after you login.

  • Step 3: Prepare your items for the sale…. washing, ironing, and cleaning. Read ALL the CONSIGNOR MANUAL guidelines (actually, read this entire website from corner to corner!) … it is important that you follow all of the guidelines.   The first time you consign with us will be the hardest as it is all new.  For subsequent sales you will be a pro!  LOGIN at the top of this page and create tags for your items with the online tagging system. Print tags and attach them as instructed under the MERCHANDISE PREP tab. Be sure to check the ACCEPTED/NON ACCEPTED ITEMS.

  • Step 4: Bring your items to the Omar Convention Center on the drop-off  day noted on the Sale Schedule.  We cannot take items before  or after the drop-off days.

  • Step 5: SHOP the private Presale Bash for Consignors only!  This is your special time to shop early for the best bargains.   If you are unable to attend the Presale Bash, give your Presale Pass to a friend!

  • Step 6: Tell your friends to come shop, so you make more  money!

  • Step 7: Pick up or donate unsold items.  See the Sale Schedule for the pick-up times.    

  • Step 8: Consignor checks will be ready for pick up 2-7pm on Monday September 16th at the Omar. If you don’t pick up your check, we will mail them to the address listed on your MyConsignmentManager account.

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